What Else to Cook in a Pressure Cooker

Are you bored with your often cooking recipes? And, looking for “what else to cook in a pressure cooker”? Well, read on!!

What else to cook in a pressure cookerAt any time, had you analyzed the reason for boring with your food? You don’t have the reasons. No problem, I tell few reasons for that. A first one is your tasteless cooking style right!! Other causes are maybe you don’t have more knowledge about how to prepare your casual recipes or you didn’t cook them properly.

Ahead of moving into the topic, I want to tell one thing. Often I heard a question Is pressure cooking healthy? I would like to answer this question. Cooking foods using pressure cooker keeps nutrients by reducing time, consuming less water, reducing Phytic acid and Lectins. So, it is best to cook foods.

What else to cook in a pressure cooker?

If tasteless is the reason for your searching for what else to cook in a pressure cooker then try to change your cooking style. Don’t go for next pressure cooker recipes and spend some time to analyze the mistakes which you have done in your previous cooking method. If you have no time to spend, then just read on to correct your mistakes.

Stop doing pressure cooking mistakes:

Below are some common mistakes that everyone makes in their Stop doing pressure cooking mistakescooking.

  • When you going to boil anything, put the required amount of water; because, over usage of water results you over steamed tasteless veggies. So, try to avoid putting over water.
  • Meanwhile, you have to make sure the level of water is not too less so that your food steamed correctly.
  • Overcooking will outcomes tough, dry and tasteless food. For instance, if you cooked food for 20 minutes instead of 10 minutes, then it removes the taste. So, set a timer and cook at a proper
  • Don’t put raw onion, garlic and ginger since the pressure cooking release those flavor throughout the air. Thus, Sautee them before putting in a pressure cooker.
  • Use fresh herbs and spices. It does not always avail you with fresh, in that case slightly crush and rub those herbs before using them.

You found out what mistakes you did in your cooking right!! Yes, I know you predict it.

By avoiding those above-mentioned mistakes in your cooking, you can able to prepare yummy and mouthwatering pressure cooker recipes.

Are you feeling happy? Well, now tell me to have you boring with your food? I expect it’s No. And, I hope you gain more information from this piece of writing and hereafter, you will prepare pressure cooker recipes without any mistakes.

If still, you bored with old recipes, then try the following list of thanksgiving foods.

  • Pressure cooker Colombian chicken stew with potatoes, tomato, and onion
  • Pressure cooker Corn soup
  • Pressure cooker Chicken, lentil, and bacon stew with carrots
  • Pressure cooker Thai green chicken curry with eggplant
  • Pressure Cooker Chicken Enchiladas
  • Pressure Cooker Mushroom Risotto et al.