Nowadays, people are ready to do everything by themselves. Likewise, they are ready to do carpet installation without getting help from professionals or contractor. If you too want to do carpet installation by yourself, then you should know the required carpet installation tools, and after installing your carpet successfully, make sure you keep it clean by using vacuum and carpet rake. To learn more about carpet rakes, learn more at 10BestRanked.

Before knowing the steps to install carpet, you need to the tools required to install carpet. This section tells you the tools required for carpet installation.

What tools do I need to install the carpet?

In this section, I’m going to give you the tools and the What tools do I need to install the carpetfunctionality of tools that required for carpeting in general.

Linoleum knife:

This Linoleum knife helps to cut the carpet to fit on the floor. With the help of this knife, it is very easy to cut any type of simple flooring carpet. There are other tools to do the function of a linoleum knife, but this is the best tool to complete the task very quickly.

Carpet seems roller:

The carpet seem roller helps to join two carpets after seaming that together. Apart from that, it also helps in the fluff-up process.

Large magnet:

If the large magnet is available in your home, then make use of it just like a weight. This is a place on the edge of the carpet to cutting or measuring the size. At the same time, this is a dual purposes tool, because it also used for suck up any staples.

Carpet tapeCarpet tape:

Carpet tape helps you to combine the carpet while installing and this is used on the underside of the carpet. There are different types of carpet tapes available in the market from no-heat to fiberglass-based tape. Based on the type of carpet, you need to choose the kind of tape.

Trowel and trimmer:

This trowel and trimmer tool helps the installer to tuck the carpet against the wall and it also provides clean and clear carpet edge to make it fit for all critical area of the floor.

Power stretcher:

One of the most important tools for carpet installation is a stretcher. No matter that you’re new to carpet installation or already have an experience in it, you need to buy and use stretcher while installing carpet.

Knee kicker:

The knee kicker is just like as power stretcher and it does the same functionality that did by using power stretcher. But, it doesn’t give that much stretch.

Bonding iron:

As I already said that, based on the type of carpet, you need to choose the type of tape right!! The carpet tape helps to join the pieces of carpet and in order to join the carpets, you need to melt the tape by using melting iron.

Melting the tape using bonding iron provides a perfect fit. Hence, it is better to choose a carpet tape that is melted by bonding iron.

These are the tools that most commonly used in the carpet installation. I hope, from this article, you know that the tools do you need to have to install carpet in your home.