No matter how well the real estate industry is doing, upgraded houses always sell at a higher value. House sellers face challenges as not all the parts need to be upgraded equally. In such a scenario, it can be difficult to gauge which parts need an upgrade and which don’t.

We all are aware that renovation is a costly affair, and people often fail to realize that their upgrade can both add or reduce this value of their homes. Yes, certain renovations can reduce the value of the house.

If you are unable to decide which upgrades you should opt for, which will not burn a hole in your pocket, read this article. Here, we will discuss some simple upgrades that are sure to boost your home’s price. So, make sure to read till the end.

1. Upgrade as well as Update Your Kitchen


The kitchen is an important part of the house. Thus, you must invest in a Kitchen Cabinet Depot. It will give you good returns when you sell your home. It is a cheap and affordable way of renovating the kitchen. But don’t get too excited.

Remember your kitchen mustn’t be fancier than your entire house. Also, do not make your kitchen like those present in the restaurant, in the name of renovation. Customers will not prefer a home where the kitchen overdoes the entire house!

Using fresh paints and modern colors will surely add value to the place. You can use the eco-friendly low VOC paints. They are also free from harmful chemicals such as benzene. Also, painting the kitchen will not cost that much.

Another thing you can do to renovate the kitchen is to substitute backdated appliances with modern ones. Modern appliances consume less energy. They protect time too. Such energy efficient devices usually attract prospective customers.

2. Adding Washrooms


In case your house only consists of only two toilets, you may add massive value to your home by including a third bathroom. Now you must be wondering where you may include an excess washroom. In case you have any spare room that nobody uses, then you may probably convert it into a bathroom. But if you don’t have an extra place you can even make a small bathroom in spaces under stairs.

A half-bath requires only 18 sq feet, but if you want a more oversized bath with a shower, it will occupy at least 30 sq feet. So add a bathroom according to your requirements. If you are worried about the cost, then know that it depends on the bathroom accessories or any other additional element that you wish to invest in.

3. Energy-efficient Windows


The demand for energy-efficient windows these days is very high. Buyers look for homes with such windows in contrast to the traditional widows. Even if you are not planning to sell your home anytime soon, you must know that these efficient windows may help you save up to 500 bucks every year.

By adding these mighty windows to your home, you can quickly recover 60% to 90% of its value. Your investment can prove fruitful in the form of low electricity bills.

4. Include a Deck


People these days search for homes with some outdoor space. Building a deck is a great choice and a smart option. If you improve the condition of your backyard and your deck, your home’s value will indeed shoot up. You should expect to receive 65% to 90% returns on this investment.

Talking about the price, it depends on the size of the deck and the additional elements you have added to it. For instance, if you want to create multiple seats or chairs, inbuilt flower pots, the cost is bound to increase. Price also depends on the materials used. However, we recommend you to go for good quality material because of the longevity they ensure.

5. Home Insulation


If you don’t have proper home insulation and your home gets hot in summers and cold in winters, you will not receive much value from your house. With the rising craze of energy efficiency, people look for places with home insulation. It doesn’t allow your home to get too hot or too cold.

This is sure to reduce your heater or AC consumption, which in return will reduce your electricity bills every month. You can save up to 2500 bucks merely by insulating your house. There are some corners in your home that needs additional insulation, such as:

  • Windows and doors
  • Near light switches and electric sockets
  • Basement
  • Near the passage of wires or ducts

Including home insulation will surely boost the value of your home.

6. Additional Updates


Customers search  for a healthy, clean, and energy-efficient house. Apart from making heavy renovation, it would be helpful if you also concentrated on making minor yet powerful changes to your home. Here are some of the necessary upgrades that you may consider:

  • Repainting the house with new and trendy colors
  • Repair the roof if you have noticed any leakages
  • Substitute rotten wooden items with new items
  • Calling a plumber to look for possible leaks
  • Fixing the electric wiring when needed
  • Treating the house with eco-friendly pesticides and insecticides if you notice any pests residing in your place
  • If you find any signs of termites in your house, get rid of them by some effective termite treatment.

These little changes are vital to keep your home healthy, clean, and modern. This is exactly what customers search  for. If you wish to sell your house, you would surely receive a reasonable price for it.

Final Words

There are numerous upgrade options out there that may help you receive good value for your house. You do not always have to go for expensive and bulky renovations. Making small and necessary changes will not cost you much, and it will also increase the value of your house. Before investing in upgrading the home, try to know how much you could benefit from that investment.