We are living in one of the most peaceful and comfortable ages in human history. We can work from anywhere without time being a constraint. All thanks to technology. But with the advent of it, we started facing so many physical and mental challenges: regular backache, headache, stress, weak muscles, and many more. Even we are on the edge of forgetting the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda.

It is different that today we can get ayurvedic medicines online but there was a time when almost everybody was aware of this knowledge. What if this knowledge is restricted to certain people? Yes, we can get knowledge from the internet but how can we be fully sure about the medicine & the protein supplement we get online. So, it is better to have the knowledge and try to adapt that knowledge by ourselves.


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As you awaken within the morning, you would like not to get up immediately. Just sit, put a smile on your face, stretch your body fully, and meditate for a couple of minutes. After performing, daily routine, you ought to do yoga and bodyweight training.

Air quality is low lately, so avoid running and heavy breathing exercises. If you are a gym lover you can do stretching first before following the particular training schedule. Include yoga practices as well. These are very common practices to stay healthy but when you do them regularly, your body gets habitual of the muscle stretching so they stop developing.

To break the stagnancy, you have to increase the exercise level. In order to do that you have to switch over the high intensity workout, gym, outdoor games, or any others.  Here are some of the exercises you have to include to break the stagnancy.


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It is a complete exercise that not only increases the efficiency of your organs but also improves your breathing pattern. Due to improving the breathing pattern, you get rid of various heart related issues. It is a very fun activity so you don’t get bored easily and the stagnancy breaks easily.


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One another fun way to improve your health is hiking. In hiking, you have less chances to get injured than in running or cycling. Don’t just jump into the high intensity workout. First let your body be ready to tolerate the sudden movement and effects with lower intensity exercises.

Immunity booster foods

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Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and vitamin E are the essential vitamins which will boost the system. It increases the white blood cells in your body that help in fighting harmful diseases and infections. The meal that consists of these vitamins are referred to as immunity booster foods. You can use the supplements like shilajit capsules,

Tulsi, turmeric, and others but first try to get them from the natural way. Eat good fat food like lobster, shellfish, poultry, and others to enhance your system . If for some reason you are unable to get proper nourishment, only then turn to ayurvedic medicines online or visit https://www.healthkart.com/ayurveda-n-herbs?navKey=CP-ayur-hrb.

Here are some ayurvedic medicines that are very impactful.

Shilajit Supplement

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Besides boosting immunity, shilajit capsules have multiple health benefits to offer, including preventing Alzheimer’s progression, improving testosterone level, aids in altitude sickness, better in aging, improves feeling of tiredness, insomnia, and others.

Curcumin Supplement

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Curcumin is an antioxidant that is found in turmeric that is the king of most of the kitchen if not all. In spite of using turmeric as a spice three times in a day, we don’t get the daily amount of curcumin needed from the meal.

With the curcumin capsule everyday, we can have multiple health benefits to the body with its bioactive compounds, anti-inflammatory, and medicinal properties that have significant benefits in Alzheimer’s diseases, cancer, heart disease, degenerative conditions, metabolic syndromes, and many more. Make sure you are using all the supplements only under the doctor’s consultation and after using the natural sources of nutrients.

Sound Sleep

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With the arrival of technology, we are more exposed to new and fancy things like laptops, mobile phones, tv, and others that have increased our time. All these screens are responsible for generating the blue rays that are very bad for eye health. All these cause various health issues, such as diabetes, hypertension, heart issues, weak immunity system, obesity, hair loss, and lots of more. Here are some other health benefits of sound sleeping:

  • Very helpful in boosting memory, alertness, and focus. In any work, now you are able to give your 100 %
  • While doing exercises, you feel good energy to perform better in the gym or training.
  • When you sleep soundly, you are always in a better mood which leads to improved quality of work, weight management, and better immune system.

When you get up suddenly in the night, you break your sleep sound sleeping that hurts your sleeping time and benefits due to it. There could be many reasons for that like increased screen time and others.

So, restrict yourselves from extended screen time. Don’t eat much before going to bed, take a walk or do some stretching or certain types of exercises like diamond pose after dinner, do meditation, keep the temperature low in the bedroom, and lots of more to create a perfect place to sleep.


We know technology is deep rooted in our life and ignoring it means lagging in life. But we have to maintain our health, especially in our system. All these simple tips will help you reverse the adverse effects of technology. Whenever we hear about better health and wellness, we tend to think tough things to do and ignore some basic things.

But with a good basic approach, you can get those results which are hard to get with tough things like getting up in the morning at 4 am and starting working out. For extra health benefits, you’ll use herbal products like shilajit capsules, amla powder, apple vinegar and others. Under an honest surveillance of these ways, you’ll get a robust system soon.