A swimming pool is a must-have luxury for a lot of people. Unfortunately, since it is so expensive, it can be very difficult for some to make this kind of investment for their own backyard. But, the expenses for this investment do not just simply and there. It is essential to consider all the possible maintenance costs in the future or any unexpected damage. If you already have your own swimming pool or if you plan to build one, you should probably think about how much it will cost to maintain it.

First, let us get something straight. If you are financially unable to build it in the first place, you should probably forget about it because the maintenance can also cost you up to $5000 a year. Of course, you can always work around those expenses and make them several times smaller, but you still should not hurt yourself financially for such a luxury.

However, if you do feel financially stable and able to make this kind of investment, I suggest that you go right ahead. Do not worry, the cost of maintaining your swimming pool probably will not cost $5000. That is probably the maximum amount you could make. You probably will not.

To help everyone who owns or wants to own such a luxury, I decided to write this guide for 2024 in which I will mention the most important expenses of maintenance and the things you could do to reduce those expenses as much as you can.

Cleaning services


One of the most important maintenance tasks for the swimming pool is cleaning. If you do not plan on cleaning it regularly, you might end up with a lot of problems. The filters could get clogged up with dirt, leaves, dust, bugs, and all kinds of other things.

As the filters get clogged, the water starts to get dirtier and dirtier, making get an unsafe environment for yourself, your friends, and your family. It is vital that you do everything in your power to ensure that the water is as clean as possible to ensure the health of everyone swimming in it.

But, that will not be your only problem if you do not consider regular cleaning. There is also the possibility of all that junk getting through the filters and entering the pump. The pump is an essential part of every pool and it is also an expensive tool. As the pump intakes liquid which is filled with unwanted items, it also can get clogged and it could be completely destroyed.

A proper pump cost somewhere around $500, but if you want a more reliable one, it might cost you up to $2000, or maybe even $5000. Assuming that you do not want to deal with this kind of expense, I suggest you consider regular cleaning.

If you are not up to the task, it would be best to hire professional services to clean the swimming pool for you. Usually, with the services, your regular maintenance will cost somewhere between $50 and $120 monthly.

Consider installing a self-cleaning swimming pools


If the cost of premium cleaning services seems like too much for you, there is one solution that could save you a lot of money. Of course, it will be a larger investment first, but after that, you start saving some serious money.

Thanks to modern technology, you have invented all kinds of self-cleaning smart pools. Usually, they come with an advanced cleaning system that processes all the bugs, leaves, and other junk and then there was it away. This will reduce your need to call for cleaning services considerably as suggested by

Obviously, these are not perfect, you will still have to do some kind of maintenance at least once a month. But, that is still much better than doing maintenance every week or biweekly.

Salt Water


These days, it seems like it is very popular to have a swimming pool with saltwater which is why I believe it is worth mentioning in this article. This is usually done because there are several benefits over regular using freshwater. But, right now, that is not our focus.

If you do have such a pool in your backyard, you probably already know that there are different costs when it comes to saltwater.

The water needs to be more regularly tested to ensure that the pH level is properly balanced and that the chlorine levels are where they should be. The pump also has to be regularly checked, to ensure there is not any salt build-up. Otherwise, serious damage might occur to the pump or the entire filtration system.

Additionally, you also have to consider the fact that salt will need to be added to the water regularly, to maintain the level of salt in it. When you sum everything up, this will probably cost around $70 up to $130. This is not a lot, considering the fact that you do not have to clean a saltwater pool so often as a regular one.

Preparing it for the winter


One annoying thing about owning swimming pools is the fact that you have to close them down when the summer season ends. Autumn and winter are coming which means that the water will simply be too cold to swim. But, that is not the only problem. In autumn, trees start to try out and a lot of leaves start to accumulate. If you leave the pool open, you will have to clean the filters almost every single day.

This is probably why it is best to just close it or more specifically, cover it. There is also the risk of water freezing or tiles cracking if you leave it uncovered during the winter season.

Obviously, this is another cost that you have to consider. This will probably cost you somewhere around $250. But, when summer comes next year, you also have to consider the cost when opening it. The cover will need to be removed, it will need to be drained, refilled, and then apply all those different chemicals. Again around $250.

If you add together all of these costs, the average annual maintenance expense is somewhere around $1000-$1500. But, there is always the possibility to reduce that number.