We spend so much time in the living room, and it is also the first room where our guests settle before they go to the other rooms. Therefore, you cannot afford to keep your living room in a mess, but instead, it should be luxurious. It is always best to start by putting luxury furniture pieces from the best brands to revolutionize your space. The furniture pieces should reflect your style, give the room life, and match with your décor. Also, ensure that the details match your luxury stones on which you can learn more here.This post provides a list of top brands that offer the best luxurious pieces in the industry.

Boca do Lobo


Boca do Lobo pieces take first place in this list because the manufacturers make them with exquisite perfection. Every inch is checked and rechecked until the manufacturers are feel it is of the correct standard. The dedication the designers put into making a piece is why each Boca do Lobo’s work is one of a kind.

Also, their team of designers ensures it crafts pieces that reflect certain emotions depending on the buyers’ taste. These pieces, which are handcrafted in Portugal, are masterpieces that you can find in top hotels and villas. Boca do Lobo is the definition of luxurious and exceptional craftsmanship; hence ensure you check them out.

Fendi Casa


With over 40 years of experience, Fendi casa luxury furniture is top of the world as they release exceptional furniture. Fendi casa makes the furniture with extraordinary creativity and elegance. Their production process is seamless as they check to ensure that everything is done to perfection and their pieces are the best in the market.



Baxter furniture originates from Italy, and the manufacturers make it with exceptional dedication and passion. They create iconic pieces that can light up every living room. Their pieces reflect a vibrant mood, and it is hard for one to regret buying Baxter furniture.

The manufacturers can combine classic styles with the latest modern technology helping them make timeless pieces. If you are looking for contemporary and quirky designs, Baxter is suitable for your living room.



Koket furniture offers exquisite pieces which are not ordinary but pieces that spread a specific type of massage. Do you want your furniture to communicate passion or love? If yes, Koket furniture is right for you.

Also, Koket furniture reflects every style, so you can get what you love from Koket. Their furniture is inspiring and personalized to everyone’s liking. Also, their manufacturers pay attention to details, so their pieces are remarkable.



Kartell is well known for its high-quality furniture. It is a big company that began as early as 1949 and has grown to be a luxurious and an exceptional furniture supplier. It uses cutting-edge technology to ensure that it creates the best pieces in the industry.

Kartell is improving in how it makes its products. Their biggest project is to ensure it reduces the amount of plastic it uses to manufacture its pieces to reduce the environment’s pollution; if you love taking care of the environment, partner up with Kartell as your partner.



Selva furniture has the best Italian craftsmen and women. Their style, beauty, and creativity are exceptional, making Selva furniture the best in the industry. The selva furniture is decorative, and it will make your living room feel more welcoming.

Their designs are faultless and made to match every taste and style. People love the Selva’s armchairs, Peggy chairs, and Piccadilly occasional tables. Selva’s pieces are future-centered; hence these pieces are a must-have.



The Bentley car is one of a kind. It is luxurious, comfortable, and has an iconic shape. Thanks to Bentley furniture, all the exquisite qualities of a Bentley can be reflected in your home. It is the most luxurious look you can get into your home.

Their collection starting from the swan sofa to the newent chair takes inspiration from the Bentley motorcade. Their creativity is one of a kind, and it is time to get it into your home.



Marioni is another Italian brand that is one of a kind. Their furniture pieces are made with lots of inventiveness and creativity. Marioni makes exquisite dining tables, decorative glass, and sculptural metallic table lamps.

All these Marioni products combine well in the living room to make the living room look impressive and an excellent place to spend your time. If you love maximalist furniture that is sophisticated, Marioni furniture is the best for you. It features a contemporary style that has a touch of tradition and modern features.

Opera contemporary


Opera has its origins in the 1880s, and it is the master of contemporary designs. Their designs are also eccentric; hence unconventional people love their pieces. The brand is versatile and can serve any person despite his/her style.

Opera contemporary started as a small crafts workshop, but it has grown to become one of the most renowned brands internationally as the years passed. The tremendous growth is a result of its dedication to quality and value. Get opera contemporary pieces today, and your living room will transform to become one of a kind.



Brabbu is the source of every style of furniture that you can get in the market. You can get classic style, the contemporary style, the mid-century style, or the modern style from Brabbu. It is a brand with specialists that can reflect the different furniture styles we have in the market.

Brabbu is a one-time shop that you do not want to miss. Brabbu pieces all tell a story and reflect different personalities; hence ensure you try it.

Bottom Line

Now it is up to you to decide on which style fits your personality. Ensure that your living room feels welcoming, vibrant, and like an excellent place to spend time with family and friends. Please do thorough research on each brand identifying its style to know whether it fits your personality. Your living room deserves the best luxurious, timeless furniture pieces.