If you’ve ever wondered how reliable commercial DNA tests are, you shouldn’t doubt it anymore. As we all know, each person has a completely different DNA profile unless they are identical twins. So the exclusivity is 100%. The sampling procedure is always the same. However, the conditions may be different. This refers to the difference between a home and a regular DNA test. This test is becoming increasingly popular because it is very easy to perform a swab.

Whether you are a qualified professional or know nothing about medicine, you can do this on your own. This is exactly the reason why a lot of people are skeptical when it comes to its correctness. Every day we encounter various news in which families have united because of such tests. People also discover their origins. In any case, doubts about the accuracy of the test still exist. To find out if they are justified, keep reading and learn more about it.

Commercial tests


We must note that these tests are really easy to use. All you need to do is choose an ordinary day, take some time and collect your own samples at home. So, you can do everything yourself. After that, basic questionnaires are usually filled out, posting the packages. Then log in to the website to access the confidential results.

When it comes to DNA tests you will have the opportunity to see a wide range of prices and options. It is one big business that will become even bigger, and it is estimated that they will completely replace the traditional approach. It is an opportunity to become more aware of your health as well as the origin and everything else that has to do with your genetics. This way you will discover some specifics that you cannot find out when it comes to your family history.

It is important to note that today the sites are arranged in such a way that you have very easy access to various options in the form of tables and similar elements. In that sense, navigation is easier for you because sites like LINK have a great design that offers a large number of reports and documents with explanations, locations, etc. Here you can also see migration routes throughout history, especially the maternal and paternal line and much more.

Accuracy of DNA tests


These tests have proven to be reliable, as companies are sufficiently informed, prepared and provide excellent services that promise. Maybe not as reliable as ones performed in the lab, but still you can count on them. They adhere firmly to work ethic and allow their consumers to easily take the test at home. On the other hand, their expert team successfully manages complex and nuanced genetics and gives accurate results. People are mostly skeptical when it comes to the reliability of tests, because genetics is the most complex treasure trove of information we have ever tried to understand.

That is why we have to leave things like this to experts, and these companies really do own them. However, these companies are networked with a large number of organizations that give them an additional advantage and thus increase accuracy. This way you get a thorough report.

How to use a DNA test kit?


So, we have indicated how easy these tests are to use, but we have not specifically explained to you how they are used. If you want to learn more about your roots you will surely be curious to do a DNA test at home. You just need to spit into the tube or take a sample from the inside of the cheek. Then you have everything you need to explore your genetics and the whole mystery that stretches back many generations.

However, when you have taken the first step, that is, spat into the pipe or taken a swab from the cheek, you need to send it to the company you have chosen. Note that there are approximately 3 billion base pairs when it comes to our genetic code. Don’t think that the company will get tired of studying every single letter. Since people have more in common in DNA, experts try to focus on the different ones and these are the places they are actually looking for. +

Top three companies:

1. CRI Genetics

This company really delves into the details of your genetics, and when we say that we mean everything you imagined! So you get an accurate description of where your genes fit – biogeographical origin. This way you will be able to deepen the connection with all the parts of the world you belong to, because they are finally yours. CRI Genetics gives you only what you deserve, and that is an accurate representation of your Heritage.

Dual Ancestry Reports offers you to learn much more about yourself, and this is achieved through innovative methods that allow you to spot the breakdown of the most recent ancestry in your family history. In addition, other reports go much deeper into your DNA.

2. 23andMe

Now you have the opportunity to complete your personal story, but in a completely new way. The 23andME company provides you with an unforgettable experience, discovering the compositions of ancestors from all over the world. This applies to more than 2500 regions. Whether you want to research the origins of your mother or father in detail, you can now do so very easily. However, you can do more than that. For example, this company also allows you to research your traits through DNA. In this way, you discover all your unique abilities from different areas, but also your taste and smell preferences.

3. AncestryDNA

This DNA test kit is a fantastic way to find some of your close or distant relatives. This will make it much easier for you to research ethnicity, but at the same time offer access to one of the largest databases. However, you may encounter certain limitations when it comes to individual examinations of the family history of the mother and father.

You will not be able to choose, and your data will be transparent if you agree to the research program. However, this is one of the most modern laboratories that can provide you with a wonderful user experience. After just a few weeks you will have the results in front of you that are encrypted and only under your control if you are not in a research program.



We hope we’ve helped you get a little better acquainted with how the DNA test kit works. If you have understood all the details of this process, we are sure that you have managed to remove all your doubts and get answers to many questions.