How to Read a Pregnancy Test Result

Many women have an important question in pregnancy test results that is how to read a pregnancy test result. On the other hand, women who already experienced in pregnancy test also have some doubts about reading pregnancy test on the kit. If you’re one of them having this same doubt, then this is the right place to clear. This article guides you to read a pregnancy test result.

How to read a pregnancy test results?

How to read a pregnancy test resultsChecking about your pregnancy using at-home pregnancy test kit is the best way. But, newbie and experienced women also don’t know how to read a pregnancy test result. This is because there are different types of pregnancy kit available in the market and its ways of showing result vary from kit to kit. And, they have different display signals to show the pregnancy result.

At the same time, you know that there are 2 types of kit are available to test pregnancy. Those are digital and non-digital version. A digital version of kit offers an easy way to read test results and gives result directly, so you can clear your doubt without any mistake. But, in the non-digital kit, concluding about the test result is very tough.

Therefore, the answer to the question of how to read a pregnancy test result depends on the at-home kit that you using to check.

Reading an accurate pregnancy test result:

No matter which type of kit you’re using to check your doubt. If you want to know the accurate result, then you need to do 2 things. The first thing is, you need to wait until expecting your period time and the next one is fully read the instructions given in the kit. Every brand of pregnancy kit comes with its own instruction on what you need to do to confirm your pregnancy.

How to read a traditional pregnancy test result?

How to read a traditional pregnancy test resultActually, checking the pregnancy with the traditional kit is simple but it’s a confusing thing to read the result. This is because it has 2 different test windows. Typically a second window is the result window and it is called a test window. However, some traditional kit has an only single window. If your kit has 2 windows, then you should see the result in the second window. In this window, you may see either a single or double line in the form of a plus symbol. If there is a line in the kit, then ensure that you’re a pregnant otherwise not.

How to read a digital pregnancy test result?

Reading pregnancy result in a digital pregnancy test result is very easy and you no need to search result on the window with single or double lines. This type of pregnancy kit is designed with single digital window and it shows the direction, so you no need to confuse with the lines. If you’re pregnant, then it shows “Pregnant”. Otherwise, it shows “Not Pregnant”.

I hope, after reading this article, you know how to read pregnancy test results in both traditional and digital test kit.