It is a known fact that digital cameras are comprised of miniature computers comprising of stored discs for retrieving the images in the form of digital information. Hence, for uninterrupted operation, a little bit of knowledge regarding camera disc formats is mandatory. Holding this knowledge will let the user make efficient usage of the device in a correct and useful manner.

The Capacity of Discs in Case of Medium Format Digital Camera

Presently, in this digital age, the demand regarding medium format digital camera is getting enhanced day by day. Also, The capacity of Discs in Case of Medium Format Digital Camerathere exists two various types of storage medium. There are some cameras which employ floppy disks of higher capacity which is nowadays available everywhere. Some cameras take in use the assorted forms of flash memory which comprise of a wide range of capabilities till gigabyte.

The only variation is about the capacity of the disc formats. It is a matter of general knowledge that floppy disks are known to comprise of a fixed memory capacity which cannot be altered. On the other hand, the capacity regarding flash memory is on the way of getting enhanced day by day. It has been also considered to be a boon as they provide the facility for storing a large number of pictures altogether. As the size of the picture is also increasing due to high-resolution of the cameras, it has been possible to avail the technical advancements to the fullest.

Important File Formats for Images

The most important and major file formats valid in case of medium format digital camera are:

  • TTIF
  • JPEG

Important File Formats for ImagesIn short, TTIF format is considered to be an uncompressed format which without any alteration of the sizes of the image. On the other, JPEG is a compressed format which does not alter the size of image hence proving to be an economical usage of memory for storage. As a result majority, digital cameras use the JPEG file format for storing images and photographs. Also, they have been known to offer quality settings including medium as well as high on the basis of requirement.

Altering the Size of Image – Now a Piece of Cake

Even the size of the image can be altered, thus providing both memory management along with quality management of the pictures captured! After looking properly at the respective disc formats, it is an apparent fact that the disc comprising of 1.44MB disc will not be clutching many images at a particular time. Due to high quality and subsequent memory requirement and size, it becomes difficult to fit even a single picture.

At the same time, the floppy disks have been known for their associated advantages. Presently, the pictures required on the Internet are saved in JPEG format due to which it has become duly possible to accommodate a number of pictures at a single time into a single disc. Thus, it has proved to be an economical as well as a flexible choice.

Memory card having capacity more than 128-MB has been responsible for storing more number of images! In order to have proper and full utilization of the device, it is essential to choose the best and most suitable type of disc for storage.