There is not a soul on the planet Earth that doesn’t know about the pandemic that struck us nearly two years ago. Most of you are suffering from all the negative impacts that it has brought, but believe it or not some positives came along, as well. COVID-19 brought the entire world nothing but pain, suffering, grief and deaths.

We were not ready for what was about to hit us and we have shown that we are resilient and that we can fight anything if you give us enough time. Yes, there were times that it all felt hopeless and the times ahead are also unknown. We all know that poverty will increase, troubles on the business and market side will emerge and grow bigger but we all have to hope for the best. It will clear away we all have to be patient and contribute as much as we can.

Although this pandemic brought most businesses to their knees it also benefited others


Several industries that revolve around the internet, online gambling, online business or education, the adult industry and many others alike somehow strived during the periods of lockdown and this pandemic that hit us. Now today we will discuss adult toys, like, industry as one of those that strived the most. 

It isn’t strange and it isn’t that hard to explain why those industries strived. The adult industry along with adult toys have always been in demand. With being locked down and pretty much nothing to do, teenagers, as well as older people with either no one besides or a big imagination, have turned to the adult industry and its goodies in form of sex toys or dolls. 

Being isolated with no one around people often turn to their imagination and they tend to find satisfaction in themselves. When you have to get used to the new normal that means being locked in with limited interactions and social life you have to find new ways to have a bit of fun. You have to return your life to where it used to be respecting the new situation around us.

For many people, this means some sort of adult fun, whether with toys, movies, dolls or anything in between. Sex is a huge part of our interactions and it is hard to imagine, let alone endure nearly two years without any sort of fun in this life segment. This is where we all get a bit creative and make do with what we can’t. thanks to this situation adult toy industries have reported an increase in demand of nearly, some above, 100% which is insane to think about. 

Most of you don’t know this but the adult industry is a $97 billion industry and around the world, around 60% of people ages 18-40 own some sort of sex toy. Now, this is not something to be ashamed of, sex is a normal part of our lives and we all have some urges we have to meet to avoid slipping into insanity. If there is a chance to do it like this then why wouldn’t. Since the perception of the people is changing constantly, so is the industry of sex and sex toys. These things used to be something to hide and not speak of but with time this is changing and these kinds of industries are evolving as well.

Sex toys are now normal


They are simply products that are asked and looked for and the industry is there to please the demand. With the growth of the adult industry, our perception is growing as well. Now most of us see owning a sex doll or a toy as a pretty much normal thing, and why wouldn’t it be?! For some people, they are all that they need plus a toy or a doll and that is completely OK. Others need someone else besides them but are willing to spice things up or introduce something new, ad that as well is completely OK.

There is not a single reason for this to be either weird or perceived as weird. People are a lot more comfortable with sex and everything that goes with it because, as we already stated, it is an integral part of who we are. It is in our nature and sex is what creates us. We are do not come from pipettes or Petrie dishes, sex is what brought us on the face of Earth.

Thanks to COVID-19 as a global pandemic we have all learned a few things 


Having a sex toy is a good thing, you never know when you will need it, and we have learned to appreciate our relationships and our social interactions. When you are isolated from the people you love, your partners, for a long period you have to make do with what you have and in any way you can. To keep the relationship alive you turn to means of online communication with occasional sex toy adventure. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, and that is where we as a human race are the best. 

Another thing we forgot to mention and it is an important one, young people during this pandemic that were supposed to have or are adult enough to have their first sexual experience, have no other way to know it than with a sex toy. For many around the world, a sex toy will be their first experience in this segment of life, and it should be OK. They should only consider it as a practice or an intro to something life-changing.

The pandemic has made a lot of us mad, a lot of us sad and left to figure out things for ourselves. Besides looking out for your health first, and everyone else after, we all have to deal with our social lives, our sex lives and every other aspect of life if we want to retain as much common sense as possible. It is a hard task but we have got through a lot of other worse periods in our lives, we will go through this one as well. Have fun, be imaginative and never give up!