At some point in our lives, we all felt the urge to explore. Explore our sexuality, our needs, our do’s and don’ts. In the past, there was only one way to find out everything you wanted to know about sex. This was the only way possible, and it included finding a partner. Still, finding one was never a simple process, especially if you’ve never had a partner, and you’re not sure what to expect, or what to look for.

Exploring sexuality means figuring out what works for you, and what you find exciting, pleasurable, fun and important. It’s all about forming your sexual identity and learning how to connect with another human being, and their sexual desires and behaviors. Read more about this here.

Is it simple?


However, there’s still a lot of stigma around the process. To be able to completely fulfill their desires, and to explore their sexuality fully, people need to feel comfortable with themselves, as well as with expressing their needs and emotions. This can oftentimes become an overwhelming experience for many. The fear of the unknown, the fear of being rejected, ridiculed or simply being afraid of communicating your needs properly can contribute to the creation of certain inhibitions that can result in causing stress and anxiety.

The modern approach to sexuality

Luckily, this topic has been noticed as important to discuss. Thanks to numerous studies, researches and surveys, as well as great support from the psychology experts and the easier access to information, serious progress towards normalizing sex and sexuality have been made in the past couple of years. The supply of sexual content and items has grown enormously, following the more open approach to sexual pleasure. Being able to enjoy having a positive, fun and amazing sex life is now accepted and required, as a way to maintain healthy relationships, not only with your sexual partner, but with yourself too.

Where to start?


The first step towards getting in touch with your sexual side is – your state of mind. Being aware of the importance of sexuality is essential for exploring, experimenting and feeling comfortable in your skin. Not only that, it’s all about being free and open to new experiences. Nothing is embarrassing or strange in wanting to enjoy sex. There’s also no such thing as the universal strategy that works for everyone. Diversity in people’s preferences and habits is a fantastic and exciting element to explore as a part of one’s sexual journey. But first, pamper yourself. Without experimenting with your body, you won’t be able to understand how it works. Yet, finding a partner is not a necessity anymore. You can do it by yourself.

5 Reasons you shouldn’t be embarrassed To buy Sex toys

Learning how your body functions and what you like can be a fun and simple process, if you’re open to trying sex toys. Still, if you just started being interested about sex and you have no experience, it may sound scary or shocking to visit a sex shop and to purchase sex toys. Good news is – you don’t have to physically go to a store if you don’t feel comfortable. Just visit a website such as Pabo, explore the options and make your first purchase. You won’t regret it! Why you shouldn’t be embarrassed to buy sex toys? Let’s dig into that.

1. It’s not unacceptable anymore


Speaking about sex toys, purchasing and owning them has been a taboo for a long time. People avoided exploring this industry because they felt like they’re going to be judged. Being a part of society meant that you shouldn’t do things that are controversial or stigmatized. Today, everything is different. Not only is it normal to use sex toys, but it is also normal to share sexual experiences, and feedback about certain toys. This is a friendly environment in which you won’t feel like an outsider if you’re curious to try it yourself.

2. It’s for your own good

Sex toys have been proven as powerful tools for finding out what you like and what works for you. As a result, they can boost your immune system, reduce your stress levels and finally, boost your self-esteem. Experimenting with different sensations also helps to find out more about yourself, positively impacting your mental health, libido and confidence. Enough reasons to try it out?

3. You will miss out a lot


If you still feel like you have to open an incognito tab, chances are you may give up all the great things that are waiting for you. Owning a sex toy is something to be proud of. It means that you are aware of your sexuality and your needs, that you are curious and playful. Plus, confidence is attractive. Knowing what you want is sexy. With or without a partner, you will miss out a lot if you limit yourself to what you thought was “more normal” than something else. In a modern era, it’s normal to be open about how, what and when you like, want and need. But how can you do that if you actually don’t know?

4. The vast majority of people use them

It may come as a surprise, but numerous surveys show that a huge percentage of people own and actively use sex toys. It’s always a good thing to know that you’re a part of a big group of like-minded people. If many people find them useful and great, that’s the best recommendation you can get about an item or a product. Being a part of a community that respects their bodies and minds is a healthy thing to do. Not only will you feel the benefits on a personal level, as well as in your relationships, but you will know that it’s a part of so many people’s everyday lives. This can be a perfect dosage of encouragement, if you happen to hesitate to buy a new sex toy.

5. They help improve relationships and reaching the big O


Better communication with your partner can be achieved by sharing your experiences, preferences and fantasies. Building intimacy and feeling safe is a perfect environment for unlocking your greatest potentials, whether they are sexual or not. If there was a shortcut to your goal, would you use it? This is why feeling great in your body is essential for successful sex life. If you feel comfortable, confident and reactive, your partner will feel it too and you’ll easily create a relationship based on your mutual pleasure. By learning what feels good for you, you’ll be able to guide your partner and enjoy sex. And orgasms. Make sense?