Meeting friends while traveling, especially if you’re a solo traveler, can be challenging and intimidating. Meeting a partner in an unfamiliar environment seems almost impossible. Business trips usually last only several days, rarely a couple of weeks, and are packed with meetings, seminars, and company cocktail parties. Sure, you can meet new people at those places too, but they are usually closely tied to your work which is uncomfortable for many. You might think that meeting someone on a business trip is a lost cause, but hold on! There are ways to meet new, interesting guys and gals while away from home, so forget about spending all the lonesome nights over a candle-lit dinner thinking how it would be nice to have someone by your side. Even when on a business trip – you can research some hookup and dating sites via DudeThrill in order to set up a meeting with a girl you like. That way you’ll have even more options.

1. Share a ride


Wherever you end up for a business trip, chances are that you’re going to need a ride at some point. Instead of calling a cab, search for local rideshares. This might and might not be fruitful but you have nothing to lose. For sure, you’re going to meet new, local people and just take it from there. You might connect with someone and gain a friend or maybe even start a romance. All of you are stuck in the car, so might as well get to know each other, especially if it’s a long ride.

2. Festivals

Every city in the world has some kind of festivities at a certain time of year where thousands of people gather to have fun. If there is one in the city you’re traveling to, make sure to take advantage of it. Festivals are places where you’ll find cheerful people, good music, and probably a beer or two. Now you have all the ingredients needed to meet someone, so make a little effort to socialize and you just might meet your new partner.

3. Culinary experiences


In over 200 cities around the world, local chefs are going to make a delightful dinner for solo travelers in the comfort of their own home. You’ll have a chef cooking for you and other interested parties, while you chit chat with other people. The dinners are a small event, usually 2 to 6 people, which makes it the perfect occasion to actually have a conversation with someone you find interesting. Over the years this dinner-happenings became a favorite spot among travelers to meet fellow backpackers. Beats having a hotel dinner alone in your room, right?

4. Day trips

No matter how busy you get during the business trip there is always time to familiarize with the location and enjoy local stories. Day trips are a great way to meet solo travelers. Short trips are convenient since you can always squeeze in a day free from all obligations and get to know the city. While at it, you are bound to meet new people, either locals or just passers-by like yourself. If the primary goal is to meet someone new than stay away from super-active day trips like rafting or horseback riding simply because there isn’t much time left to talk to anyone more than a few minutes. A better option would be hiking, or visiting historic sites where people are more relaxed and social.

5. Expat groups


On every social media platform, you’ll find ex-pat groups for almost every major city in the world. You can send a message to one of them asking if someone wants to meet for a drink, or just walk around the city and you’ll find a lot of replies for sure. People in these groups are also alone in a foreign place and are usually very friendly and willing to always meet and greet. In case you’re too shy to send an open invitation, check out their next outings, and just join them.

6. Go to the best bars in town

At the hotel front desk ask for a guide for the best local bars and nightclubs. Most hotel employees have years of experience in hosting people from all parts of the world, so they are your best bet. Check out the local, popular bars and strike a conversation, freely and openly. A bit of chit-chat won’t hurt anyone and the evening might turn out great, so there is nothing to lose. If you’re not so free-spirited, and you feel uncomfortable walking in alone in a bar, or a nightclub, look up some company online at where you can find girls and guys willing to make your evening unforgettable.

7. Walking tours


It does sound like it’s made for senior citizens exclusively, but walking tours around the city is a quality way to spend a day and get to know someone interesting. There is plenty of time to strike a light conversation as well as to get to know someone better if preferred. Before you start sightseeing, everyone is introduced to each other which is a great ice-breaker. More times than not, those tours end up in local restaurants and bars for an exciting night of eating, drinking, dancing, and singing. Now that a great way to get to know the city and maybe someone special that caught your eye.

8. Choose more relaxed accommodations

Super-luxury, ultra-high-end hotels must be a fantastic experience, but most of the guests tend to keep to themselves preoccupied with their business. There are cheaper and more social spots where you can eat, sleep, and meet someone new. Social or surf hotels are somewhere between hotels and hostels. You’ll still get your private room and a bathroom but with an added bonus of plenty of common areas like restaurants, cafes, co-working space, and lounges where people mingle and interact all the time. If the hotel has a happy hour, make use of it since many solo travelers will be down for some drinks and good, local food. Keep an open mind, be social, smiling with a positive attitude and people will be naturally drawn to you. These places are great crossovers from stiff-upper-lip luxury hotels and maybe too-relaxed hostels, so take advantage of the freedom to roam around meeting new travelers.