Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

With the advent of technology and popularity that mobile phone applications have gained, games are becoming more of addiction for people. Astuce Clash of Clans is a game in which you need to build forts with gold. Clash of Clans is a game that can be played free of cost. It enables its players to raid the other villages with the help of barbarians, wizards and dragons. Players can also be the top players of the game in the leader boards with the help of some tricks and tips.

Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Know which resources are to be raid during the multiplayer battles

Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to KnowIf you are playing a multiplayer game, then you are most likely to be doubtful as to which resource should you raid. Here are the percentages of resource that can be obtained from certain locations.

  • 100 % of the Town Hall
  • 75% of Dark Elixir Drills
  • 50% of Gold or Elixir’s collectors
  • 20% of Gold or Elixir Storage
  • 5% of Dark Elixir Storage

Take revenge

Often you get attacked when your shield is down. But being attacked also gives you an advantage as it also gives you an opportunity to attack. You can take revenge by knowing the attackers. This is a really good strategy because by following this you get to know about the opponent’s village and you can then plan your attack according to this. You should also check their storage as well as their locations. You must give emphasis to minute details like checking the farmers, resources, etc.

The Wall Breaker Elixir Bank

Many players think that their barracks were for training the troops. If you are one among them then you are totally wrong. You can queue the troops for training even if you are not online. When you queue the troops then you can even cancel training without giving any penalty. In short, this means that you can queue all the barracks only till they are full and the elixir that is paid in this way will be banked from the attackers safely. On returning to your village you may cancel your queued troops and recoup your banked elixir. The Wall Breaker consists of the highest cost per slot. In this way, you can several elixirs.

The Wall Breaker Elixir Bank

It’s just about 1250 trophies

You can gain 450 gems for reaching 3 stars level on the “Sweet Victory” achievement. If you start at a low level, you can then look for the villages that have town hall located outside their halls. You just need to find a target and then take your cup and smile.

Light spell the mortars

After tinkering with each spells, you may think that jumping is the only way to escape. These spells are very powerful, advantageous and expensive. A 4+ star lightning spell wipes level 4 -5 mortars. In case your opponent has placed a wizard tower or the second mortar then you can take pair of two spells. You can wipe the damages by allowing troops to shred the pending single target defences.

Drop trophies with the heroes

If you are playing Astuce Clash of Clans several times then you may want to ditch some trophies. It usually deals with bullying people who are younger to you.  After a meteoric rise, the competition gets tougher. If you are lucky to acquire titans you can use them for dropping the trophies for free.

Give rest to your hero

You should give rest to your hero by keeping it in “Guard” or “Sleep” mode. When you defend your village you are risking KO. This keeps you fully charged that you can use for raiding.

Give rest to your hero

Save the Campaign for the last big push

If you need some more resources, you can fight against the goblins in the single-player campaign. If you play the early missions then you fell that the resource pays out ridiculously. You can upgrade your units around level 4 to 5.

Leave your Town Hall in the cold

In the 1250 trophies, you just need to seek the opponents. Secondly, if you are randomly attacked by the farmers then your trophies get down. Thirdly, you can strike a balance between some losses by being a sneaky bastard.

Surprise: Traps and Teslas

Leave your Town Hall and surround it with Teslas to punish the attackers. Astuce Clash of Clans is a game that is just about raiding and sacking.