Best Check Splitting and Tip Apps for iPhone

Nowadays people always look for the best applications in their iPhones. It is very helpful to us as it is very much useful to do such important work very quickly which used to take a huge time normally. There are many applications available in the Store of App. We come to know a new application every day. These applications not only help in split checking but also they help in getting the important information and make you sure about an appropriate tip which is based on a kind of service you receive from them. There are some applications which are unlimitedly used in bars taxis fare delivery and in other kinds of tabs.

It is very important to know what kind of application you should use your iPhone so that you can use it in such a way that you get the best use of it. You should be careful while installing the applications. With what kind of application with what tip of the calculator should be used depends upon what kind of customer you are. Thus before buying your iPhone, you must check that which tip of the calculator is the best and which check splitting app is best for you.

Gratuity: why it is so useful

It is a very important application which you must have in your iPhone. This application is very easy to use. This calculation is use Gratuityto check any kind of bill in the tip calculator. This application checks the totals and tips of the bills of the restaurant, food delivery, bars, casino dealers, salons and also taxis. After going to the application you have to tell Gratuity that what kind of bill you want to check and for what kind of service. After giving all the required information to the Gratuity it will handle the rest of the calculations. There is a default rate which the gratuity uses while it is calculating. If you don’t Gratuity to use it default rates in its calculation then you can change the method of calculation by going to the setting of the Gratuity. To use check and tip calculator in an easy way you can get multiple types of services that you want in Gratuity. Thus Gratuity is an important application that every people who are using iPhone must install it. It is suggested to the people to install it so that you can get the best service from Gratuity.


Plates by Split wise help up to ten people to use splits in different ways. It is a big question to the customer that weather the table Platesthey use gets an appetizer to share or not.  The use of plates is that they can split the cost of several items or they can also split the entire bill you get from the restaurant. If any customer wants his plates to work in such a way that they can get an even split then the customer can use a few taps. In plates, you can also add individual bill items. Plates can be used to simply dragging and dropping each member of the party. The customer can also split evenly if anything is left over.  If splitting is complicated for you then the restaurant can check the bill in splitting in front of you only if you give concern to them as it calculates it very quickly. Splitting the cost is very easy in plates. Thus if the customer of the iPhone uses plates they can use it very easily and the customer can calculate all the bills very quickly. If the customer uses Plates then there will be fewer amounts of mistakes in the calculations. Thus it is suggested to the customer to use plates for splitting. Thus splitting is the best option of the iPhone applications.


Tab helps the customer to take off the receipt of the restaurant bill. Tab is also used to add any applicable discounts and taxes and they also help to choose the tip percentage. Tab is also used for listing the guest for some party and they can also add the guest in that list if required. To assign any items tab is used for checking it.

Tip calculator pro

It helps to solve the complicated calculations such as the calculations in pounds and dollars. Pro Plus is also a great option for travelers who travel very frequently. It can check the splitting for a hundred people. Calculator pro helps in multiple currency calculations. It is impossible to have a wrong answer in the calculator pro.

Favorite tips apps and bill splitting for iPhone

There are many splitting apps which can be installed in your IPhones. It is very regular that you go out with your friends at dinner or lunch. Thus if you have a splitting application on you iPhone then the calculations will be much easier. Thus it is suggested to use it.