Do you have an idea to cook recipes in a microwave pressure cooker? If, then starts with simple microwave pressure cooker recipes, because you are a novice know!!

A wide variety of recipes exists to do in microwave cooker. Among all, I give you the 3 best mouthwatering microwave pressure cooker recipes to give a surprise for your hungry.

Recipe #1: Microwave pressure cooker chicken rice

Chicken rice is one of the favorite dishes for one and all and cooking of this chicken rice is also very to do it. Appliances except microwave pressure cooker take some more minutes to cook it, but the microwave pressure cooker makes it easier to get a meal on the table fast.

Microwave pressure cooker chicken rice

Moreover, it requires only fewer ingredients but delivers more flavor chicken rice. Those ingredients are chicken thighs, yellow rice, chicken stock, salt and pepper to taste.

Take a microwave pressure cooker and put the required amount all those above-mentioned items into it and mix well. And, keep it on medium pressure and wait for 20 minutes to cook. Then, taste the yummy chicken rice with your family or friends.

Recipe #2: Microwave pressure cooker Taco Stuffed Baked Potato

Taco Stuffed Baked Potato is one of a mouthwatering microwave pressure cooker recipe. It takes more time to cook as it contains more ingredients but not in the microwave cooker.

Microwave pressure cooker Taco Stuffed Baked Potato

Elements require to prepare is scrubbed potatoes, olive oil, diced onion, chopped mushroom, raw pecans, chopped tomatoes, chili powder, seasoned salt, and pepper. And, chopped Roma tomatoes and icebergs, sour cream, salsa, and chopped green onions to make toppings.

Wipe potatoes with olive oil and cook until it gets crispy skin. Then add all other ingredients in a microwave pressure cooker, mix well and keep it on high pressure more few minutes. And, add toppings on the result of Taco Stuffed. The microwave pressure cooker Taco Stuffed Baked Potato is ready to serve for your family.

Recipe #3: Microwave pressure cooker steamed corn

Generally, corn takes more time to steam. If you cook it other pressure cooker or normal vessels using the stove, then it consumes more time to cook. But if you cook corns in a microwave pressure cooker, it gets ready corn on your dining table very quickly.

Microwave pressure cooker steamed corn

There is nothing to put effort and ingredients too. That much simple recipe is this and even your small daughter or son can cook it using the microwave pressure cooker with safety. You no need to worry about injuries occurs due to its cooking on high pressure because it keeps distance between your children and pressure cooker and it also does cook within a glass door.

Before closing this article, I would like to share the health benefits of microwave pressure cooking and this question rose in everyone’s mind too.

Is microwave pressure cooking is healthy?

Microwave pressure cooker maintains safe mode food temperature and it’s cooked all foods at very speed so, there are no possibilities to leak nutrients from foods. Hence, this kind of cooking is also healthy.