Seafood has always been fascinating, and delicious to eat! A majority of them often take a greater amount of time in cooking buy green-shelled mussels can be quickly prepared and served. They taste delicious and are beneficial to health.

This is the reason why you can click here to buy green mussels at Fish Me and try different ways to serve the same. You will love cooking, serving, and eating green-shelled mussels. The below discussed are some of the best ways to serve green-shelled mussels.

Add Toppings:


If you do not like the taste of mussels, then you can try different kinds of toppings. When you eat the same with added flavors and ingredients, you will like the way it tastes. One of the best ways of making toppings for green mussels is to put buffalo sauce with slight sprinkles of garlic as well as onion powder.

To make the topping spicy, you may also add a small amount of red pepper. Adding the last touch of appearance and flavor, you can add cheese as the top layer. These toppings will make green mussels delicious. It is also quite simple and quick to prepare such toppings for them.

Steamed in Wine & Garlic:


One of the most famous ways of preparing green mussels is to put them in steam along with wind and garlic. In order to get the best results, it is suggested to use white wine for cooking. After they are cooked and prepared, you can serve them with a creamy soup.

The combination will not only look beautiful but will also taste amazing! People also add bread made from wheat while serving green mussels prepared in wine and garlic. Photograph the same and let your friends on social media know about green mussel serving!

With Homemade Chips:


If you are willing to make the serving quickly, then you can serve green mussels with homemade chips. They are a great combination when consumed together. This dish can be eaten for a breakfast or as a light snack.

People prefer eating homemade chips with it rather than purchasing them from the market to make them more healthy and fresh. To make it look interesting and to add a taste, you can have a slice of lemon on the plate. Creamy sauce or any other kind of dip can also be served with a combination of green mussels and homemade chips.

Beautiful Cutlery and Arrangement:


You must use stainless and shiny cutlery to serve green mussels. Cooking a unique and delicious dish alone would not work. You also need to focus on the presentation of the serving. It creates an impact on the person.

If the plate looks beautiful and attractive, then it will contribute to the taste and overall experience of eating shelled mussels. The kind of arrangement you make using them should also be interesting. Try making an interesting pattern or maintaining symmetry while arranging them on a plate.

Along With Vegetables:


Do you want to make green-shelled mussels even more nutritious? To do so, buy the best quality ones. Follow one of the recipes and keep it ready. Then take some vegetables and boil them separately. You may add some spices and other ingredients after you add vegetables and green mussels in a single container.

A combination of green mussels and vegetables will taste delicious and will be beneficial for your body. Make sure that you choose the vegetables that will make a great combination with mussels. Do not make the dish very heavy to consume.

Simply Along With Sauce:


There are different flavors and types of sauce you must try along with the sauce. This can be best if you want to keep it light and prepare it quickly. People who prefer and like eating mussels without any ingredients can have a sauce along with it.

It is recommended to try butter sauce, white wine sauce, and creamy sauce along with boiled mussels. Your breakfast will be healthy as well as delicious when you consume them with these different kinds of sauce. One may also cook the mussels in lemon and garlic sauce.

Try Chilled Mussels:


They are not always to be consumed hot aright after you boil them. People have tried consuming cold ones. Refrigerate right after they are at room temperature after boiling. Chilled mussels along with some sweet ingredients are as good as some delicious dessert. This can also be severed after the meal.

You will love to eat such a calory-free as well as delicious dessert after your meal. One of the best ways to decorate the same on a plate is to put it on the half shell. This can also be accompanied by red pepper aioli.

Add It To Pasta:


You might have gotten bored by following the same pasta recipe. Keep the red and white sauce aside and try adding green-shelled mussels to your pasta. You will love the change that they will bring to your favorite dish!

This time, your pasta will not just be delicious but it will also have a lot of nutrients in it! To get the best results, make sure you add the pasta to the creamy gravy of pasta while boiling. Adding tagliatelle as well as tarragon to the mix will make your pasta delicious.

Stuffed Mussels:


Every time you prepare this meal, you do not have to remove the shells or use them for serving. Mussels taste delicious when you stuff different ingredients as well as food products in the shell. Instead of removing the shell, tear it and add the prepared stuffing.

Bread crumbs are often added as this stuffing to make green mussels delicious. Bake it after adding bread crumbs. You can not only eat this but also serve the same with a hot bowl of soup. This combination of soup and stuffed mussels will be a successful experiment for sure! It can either be consumed as breakfast or can be served as a starter!