The biggest difference between the US and the rest of the world for a very long time was that gambling was strictly regulated, and there were only certain areas where you could try your luck. While the situation remains the same when it comes to land-based casinos, things with online platforms are getting more similar to those that can be seen in other countries.

It is not a surprise that US citizens now can also enjoy numerous games online since it became a huge trend in recent years. Much more people are now interested in using a website instead of visiting a traditional option. The reasons are related to many benefits like simplicity, convenience, better selection of games, and more.

While the great expansion of online platforms is a good thing since higher competition can lead to better offers and promotions, it is still very important to check some important details about some website before you decide to share your data. Therefore, always read reviews to check the experience of other players. That is one of the best ways to avoid issues and frauds.

The best solution is to look only for those well-known and highly popular options. Big companies are known for paying more attention to the needs of their players, and will often include more attractive promotions. Here are the biggest online gambling platforms in the US.

1. Bet MGM


This company is one of the most popular in the world. That is not a surprise considering the range of benefits they are offering, such as high safety measures, an excellent selection of games, and amazing promotions. For example, this is one of the rare sites where you can receive free funds without the additional term of making the first payment.

Even though that is only $25, this amount is perfect for beginners to learn more about different options. Besides that, there is a much bigger promotion available where you can get up to $1,000 in credit that you can spend on different titles. If you are interested in Bet MGM, check this review for more details.

2. Betway


This is another very popular option. Besides standard casino  games, there is also a wide range of sports events that you can combine on some ticket. Also, you can expect some attractive deals when you create a profile. Moreover, we have to mention their responsibility as one of the key features. We all know how dangerous it can be when people start to spend too much money.

It can lead to addiction and many other issues. Therefore, this site is offering consultations and even an option to terminate a profile for good without having the possibility to create a new one by using your data again. When it comes to the titles, you will find all of the most popular options, along with some retro models, table games, and more.

3. Caesars


Many people are familiar with this name since it represents one of the biggest resorts in Las Vegas. The interesting fact is that they are also owners of William Hill, which is one of the best online bookies in the world. If you are interested in betting on sports events, there are many advantages of using this site, like watching live events, tracking multiple games at once, and more.

When it comes to virtual games, there are numerous attractive titles available as well. Another benefit is that the waiting time for the withdrawal is quite shorter when compared to many other sites. They are also dedicated to security and responsible gambling.

4. Ignition

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If you think that reviews and ratings represent a very important factor when choosing a site, you should read more about this one since it is highly ranked by users. It represents a perfect combination of attractive promo deals, a great selection of titles, high security, and many other great features.

Moreover, we have to mention the feature where you can make a payment by using your crypto wallet, which is getting more popular these days. On the other hand, there are many other payment options available, like standard card payment, wire, and more.

5. Red Dog


The main focus of this company is on virtual games. Therefore, you can expect to find an amazing list of most recent titles along with some older versions. When it comes to promo deals, they went a step further by offering daily promotions where you can get free credits all the time. Also, there are special benefits for loyal players, while newbies will get more than three times the amount they pay.

6. Las Atlantis


The main benefit of this option is flexibility since there are some table games available as well. Also, the newbie feature is offering nearly four times the amount of your first payment. The limit is very high as well. You can get up to $14k in free credit. Moreover, there are also different payment models available, including cryptocurrencies.

7. Café


This is a very interesting name, and it is for a reason. Many people choose to enjoy these games in their free time. Therefore, you can have a cup of coffee at home or during a break at work, and make this time even more interesting by having a chance to win some amazing prizes. The unique feature is that you can expect a random prize every week.

Last Words

There are many other options available in the US as well. Therefore, an excellent approach for a beginner would be to create a list of all sites that are allowed in the state, and then start creating profiles on each one of them.

For example, you can start will only $50 or $100, and then use the same money on different sites so you can get the most out of the promo deals. Even though there are some special terms related to free credit, it is still a great chance to learn more about various features, and have a possibility to hit some bigger win.