The legal task of every employer is to provide their workers with a safe working environment. Also, it is up to the workers to comply with all laws and all regulations prescribed by the employer. However, injuries at work happen much more often than you think. The reasons are various. The reasons can be both the negligence of the employer and the negligence and mistakes of the workers.

Also, certain jobs are significantly more dangerous than some others, accordingly they are paid more, but injuries occur much more often due to the nature of the job, rather than due to someone’s fault. There are also accidents when no one is to blame. Injuries range from minor to life-changing ones. In any case, you are entitled to compensation. It often happens that your employer or insurance company tries to pay you a smaller amount than they should. So if you have suffered an injury at work, read the reasons why you should hire work injury lawyers.

1. Knowledge


Law is a very complex sphere and it takes years to study it. There are so many loopholes that you will never be able to deal with on your own. How complex it is, you can best notice by the fact that it is not enough just to be a lawyer to know the law related to injuries at work. A lawyer must be specialized in that branch of law. So always hire only those who specialize in it. Along with the knowledge they possess, they also have extensive experience. It is very likely that they will have already encountered the same or similar case and that they know exactly what awaits you. This will mean a lot to you not only because of the compensation, but also because of the sense of security you will have. It will be very important in such a stressful moment.

2. They will win more money for you


According to various studies, a person who negotiates a settlement with insurance company alone in 99 percent of cases gets less money than a person who has a lawyer. It is something that no one can dispute. And why is that so? Well insurance companies are experienced and have encountered thousands of such cases. They know that many will jump to take a smaller amount, just because they will get it right away, instead of waiting for the lawsuit to end, which can be long process.

When you have a lawyer, he will advise you which amount to accept and which to refuse and initiate litigation. Insurance companies will know that your intentions to start a lawsuit are serious because you have a lawyer and then they will offer you a much larger amount as compensation. They certainly want to avoid the additional costs of litigation, because they know they are going to lose it.

3. You suffered serious injuries


Our advice is to hire an attorney even when you experience a minor injury. But then it doesn’t matter so much what you decide. The compensation can’t be big, so even if you lose a certain amount of money due to your own ignorance of the rights and law, it will only be a few hundred dollars loss. But if you have suffered serious injuries that will take you away from work for months or even lead to permanent disability, then you absolutely must have an attorney.

According to the Eric Ramos Law, PLwLC even “full” benefits usually does not cover all. So in addition to all the medical costs that are sure to be huge, all the money you will lose in the future as a result of the injury must be taken into account. This practically means that the employer will have to support you for the rest of your life and that is why the insurance company, as well as its lawyers, will try to challenge it. Your attorney will prove that he has to pay you everything and that will give you confidence that you will not become homeless or something similar in the future.

4. To challenge pre-existing conditions


Pre-existing medical conditions can be an obstacle on the way to obtaining large compensation. If you already have a medical condition in your medical record, the insurance company will try to challenge the amount you are asking for or will even try to avoid paying compensation at all. They will try to do this under the pretext that the injury at work did not lead to all your problems, but that the cause was something from before. This is not in accordance with the law, and your attorney will take the stage to prove in your favor that you should anyway receive full compensation.

5. You will save time


Once you have suffered an injury and you are unable to make any money, every day will be significant to you. Even if you are sure that you will get the amount you are asking for, if the whole process is delayed, you will be in trouble. Bills and all other expenses will come to be charged anyway, and you will have nowhere to pay from and that will lead to debts. That is why it is important to have an attorney in order to speed up the whole process and to get the money in your account as soon as possible.

6. Let them take care of paperwork


The amount of paperwork you will encounter would be overwhelming even if you were not injured and everything was fine. And in this situation where you have a lot of problems, you will not be able to collect and prepare all the paperwork yourself. Let them take care of everything, because that way you will not miss enclosing any document that can be very important in the end.


At this point, two things are most important to you. Those two things are to do everything possible to recover properly and to get as much compensation as possible. Hiring a lawyer is what will allow you to commit to recovery, and in the end all the money you lost as a consequence will be yours.