Latest Trend in Tattooing

The words like staining, tats, tattoo, pricking, tatau, painting and tattaow are different names for a tattoo in different regions of this world. The tattooing is a skin art and requires a tattoo artist help to perform it any person’s external skin. The tattooing is familiar since the past 5000 BC. It has many remarkable aspects and representation of society, culture, and people of a region. It does have a criminal identity, war prisoners, slaves and royal class identification mark for many civilizations of this world. Presently, the tattoo works available in sticker type is very simple to place on the arm and rub it to the skin surface and you will get an aesthetics Arm Tattoo.

Contemporary Method of Tattooing

The contemporary method of tattooing is a very painful process for the tattoo applicant from a tattoo artist. They use needles that Contemporary Method of Tattooingare fit on animal bone or on wood pieces. The tattoo professional starts pricking manually to the outer layer of skincare such that its ink reaches the pigment tissue. These tissues under the skin absorb the artificial color and make changes of the color permanently. However, the bigger the size of Arm Tattoo, that much more than a thousand prickings has to undergo on tattoo seeker.

Advantage of Contemporary method of Tattooing

Natural Ink: This is the best method of tattoo practice by using natural ink. Either, these inks are manufactured out of vegetables, flowers and by natural ashes.  The black or colorful ink extracts from vegetable and flowers are harmless to skin as there is no other added chemical and preservatives are present in these natural inks. Apart from the fluid type of natural color ink, there is also powder type ink in practice. These are few selected ashes, which are sprinkle over the pricking area of the skin and rub gently to absorb with the skin tissue. The ink power type is best for the large design of the Arm Tattoo.

Disadvantage of Contemporary Method of Tattooing

The pain caused while pricking is the main disadvantage of the contemporary method of tattooing. Since the tattoo needle is fixing on hardwood or bone make them strike hardly on the skin surface. This type of pricking make the skin to bleed in the case went wrong by a little shake by an Arm Tattoo seeker. It takes mush time to finish the complete artwork on the skin area. Sometimes the size of the designs are complicated on the large one, it may take a day sitting with a tattoo artist. The sterilizing of needles is require when a tattoo artist use the same needle to a different person.

Modern Method of Tattooing

The modern method is of machine type tattooing. These are motor and vibration type mechanics function on battery and Modern Method of Tattooingelectricity. There are many types of machines to do various designs. These are also detachable to fix various types of needles. They support multi-color ink for colorful skin art.

Advantage of Modern Method of Tattooing

The machine tattooing is comparatively painless when compared to the contemporary method. They function on vibration mode and the pricking happens from 100 to 150 times in seconds. This consumes very less time to do Arm Tattoo. Any type of designs and color full skin art is possible by a modern tattooing machine.

Disadvantage of the Modern Method of Tattooing

Chemical Ink: The modern tattooing machine uses the chemical ink for tattooing. In many cases, these chemical inks were allergic to skin. Many also get skin infection due to hazardous chemical ink on the Arm Tattoo area.