Get Rid of Dark Spots

Are you fed up of dark spots? It is the skin problem due to hyperpigmentation. It is mainly due to sun exposure. When sun rays fall on the skin, it penetrates deeply to the skin and increases the melanocytes production. Dark spots normally occur in the face, hands, back, neck, scalp, and shoulders. Treatments for dark spots on the back are of great use to fade out the dark pigmentation.

Causes for Dark Spots:

Dark spots are the skin deformities due to the effect of sunlight. Melanin decides the color of your skin. If melanin secretion is less, then skin may appear white or pink whereas high may leads to darker skin color. Continuous exposure to sunlight may allow your skin to produce more melanocytes in the visible areas in such a way dark spots on back occurs. There are many kinds of factors can lead to dark spots.

Factors Affecting your Skin:

The major reason for dark spots in sun exposure, stress, liver problems, pregnancy, menopause, vitamin deficiency, smoking, cancer, diabetes, skin aging, and dermatitis. Removal of your dark spots on the back can be done with laser treatment. Laser treatment may cause side effects. Natural remedies are safer methods to remove the dark spots on back.

Natural Care Treatment for Dark Spots:

Protection from the sunlight can be done by using sunscreen lotion with SPF which fades out the dark spots on back. In turn, every day when you are going out never forget to apply sunscreen lotions to protect you from UV rays.


6. Lemon and Tomato Juice

Lemon juice contains natural bleaching agent which fades out the dark spot by lightening it whereas tomato juice treats the blemishes and work on dark spots eventually.