Renewable Energy

As the world is on the way to reach towards the crisis of energy, the requirement of dependence on non-renewable sources of energy is on the way to decline. But as the work cannot be stopped in between, scientists are at their wits ends to generate renewable sources of energy on a massive scale.

Main Types of Renewable Energy

Presently, there exists wide variety of renewable sources of energy. But the main types of renewable energy which have contributed highly in preserving the assets can be mentioned in a nutshell as under:

1. Wind power

The turbines have been known to us for decades. To be precise, they had been prevalent even before the birth of Jesus Christ. They have contributed highly in the pumping of water, grinding flour and also dragging boats. But due to the industrial revolution, they are at present highly contributing in the production of electricity.

Though many have envisioned windmills among those ornate ones or similar to those small windpumps on farms they have observed tremendous development in the past decade. But who knew that windmills are being responsible for generating thousands of megawatts of power. In many small homes, these wind turbines substitute the sources of conventional energy hence assisting the households to escape from the grid of deficiency.

2. Solar power

Solar powerWe all know that the Sun is known to be among the most readily available forms of energy. As a result, the energy achieved from the Sun is being used at a large extent. Due to advancement in technology, the households have started to include a number of distinguishable ways for the purpose of harnessing solar energy. Some of the most common ways include solar cookers, solar dryers, solar electricity, and solar heaters.

As solar energy is considered to be cost-effective along with being environment-friendly, a little bit of maintenance will assist in saving the bills on utility. As solar cookers are considered to be one of the healthy ways of cooking food due to the lower temperature, it contributes to retaining the vitamins as well as minerals. They are also ideal for travelers and campers as they are portable and compact in size.

3. Hydropower

HydropowerInitially, water power is treated to be among the best types of renewable energy. The industrial utilization of waterfalls and rivers for generating power through wheels has contributed a lot. The energy generated is used for irrigating water and grinding of flour. Presently, hydropower is used for generating electricity for business and households.

The Hoover Dam is the best suitable example of hydro-electric power which was constructed to provide electricity to people of Las Vegas. Presently, hydro-electricity is considered to be an efficient form of energy which accounts for almost 90% of the renewable energy.

4. Geothermal power

Generally, geothermal power is typically produced in those areas which is well known for volcanic activity as magma is close to the surface. Iceland is the best example where maximum power is produced from volcanic geysers. In order to speed up the whole process, water is also pumped back into the geysers for producing more steam for driving the turbines hence concluding with an endless number of cycles.