Temple Run 2 - A Highly Popular Sequel

As news of the latest statistics pours in, you find that there have been over 170 million downloads of the game. Temple run 2 has not only redefined mobile gaming but now, it has become one of those cult gaming features that you can find in every android mobile phone. Not only will you be sliding, jumping, turning, and going through waterfalls, but all of that will be taken on to a new level. Extremely good cliff lines, going through mines and forests in order to escape the cursed idol will be the overall gameplay and enable you to make correct decisions on the go.

Features of the new Temple run 2:

  1. For one, the game has got tremendously new graphics. The entire scenery is beautiful, and you need not worry about any Features of the new Temple run 2problems in regards to the overall scenario of the game. The scenery is fittingly used in the game, there is no over-exuberance of graphics, that has actually spoilt the gameplay.
  2. New environments, gorgeous new features are to be found in the new game. You will be able to look into the different aspects of the game and enjoy the overall attention to detail and all the other features that can actually be beautiful in your eyes.
  3. There are new obstacles that have settled in, more power-ups that you could possibly enjoy in your run through the hallowed temples. There are a lot more new of the girls, bigger waterfalls, and more bizarre slides for you to enjoy in the entire game.
  4. Achievements are also of a bulk amount. You’d have to undertake a certain set of achievements in order to actually get the special powers that can be extremely good for your character.
  5. As a final consolation to the overall improvement of the game, you have a bigger monkey. This is not only one of the best things that can happen to you, but it would also provide you with the impetus to keep running to get away from this giant of a monkey.

As you to realize some other sequel to this highly popular mobile game is coveted by most people across the world. Although the origin of the game was for the android devices, it has now become available for the Windows Mobile version, so you need Temple run 2 is very much similarnot worry about the overall gameplay for the compatibility issue with the Windows mobile. As of now, the controls on the overall game team of Temple run 2 is very much similar to the first game, but with a faster game pace, along with the collection of gems, everything can be undertaken with this particular game. The characters in the previous temple run may only have to go through pesky primates, but they have been removed from this game in order to provide you with a very big monkey at your back. This is very dangerous in the form of providing you with the necessary aspect of running to ensure that you get away from this particular creature.

In order to enjoy and play the Temple run 2, you need to have the ability to prevent the character from dying. This is done through collecting the green gems throughout the way. There is also an option for you to buy such kind of gems online, so you need not have to worry about it. There is also been the introduction of a lot more new characters, so, if you happen to be bored with looking at the face of a single character, collect the appropriate points, and trade the old character for the new one. You will also get special powers with some characters; make use of them at your own best. There is a certain amount of haste that you need to go through when you’re playing this particular game, so make sure that you have actually got everything under your control within the game. Moreover, the accumulation of points makes up for the best part of the game. Go about collecting them, and you would actually go through a lot more stages and characters, then you have gone through in the previous temple run.