If you have ever played any kind of game on the internet, then you’ve most certainly heard about a game called RuneScape! To emphasize this even more, you can simply type in a few first letters of the game and you will see millions of results on Google.

This means it’s a highly searched topic and it attracts players even today, 19 years after it has been launched. RuneScape is one of the MMORPG (fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game) that has had over 200 million accounts which makes it understandable why Guinness World Records recognized it as the world’s largest! But what is so interesting and unique about this game?

Why do people keep coming back to it? In the global pandemic, we’re all experiencing, some old players returned to enjoy some quality game, sharing their passion with others, while new players have been intrigued to find out what draws the attention so much and what is this game’s advantage compared to others. There’s a popular saying that only 3 minutes is enough to get hooked on playing RuneScape. So why should you start playing it in 2024?



RuneScape community is quite big, with a good sized player base. However, it is friendly and accepting which may come as a surprise compared to other more competitive and more toxic communities of players. As a RuneScape player, you certainly won’t be called names by some anonymous 13-year olds!

Back in the days it was famous for playing with your school mates and people are oftentimes joking that if you haven’t finished playing this game in high school then you’re probably still playing it! With this kind of mindset, indulging in this game will definitely be a more pleasurable experience for you from the very beginning, and you’ll be intrigued to explore everything that’s ahead of you.

Voice acting NPCs are one of the new features that added some depth to the whole process. Compared to the past where characters had no voice conversations, today you can interact with others, whether they are online players or the characters controlled by the game. Now, you can really enjoy the game, chatting with your friends (and a bunch of others) !



In other games you are just a player in their concept, so you’re taking part in a game you can’t control. Also, the difference is that the devs are aware of every scenario possible to end up with. You can pass the levels, you can win, but there’s no room for your creativity or exploration since the story is already there, and you’re just partaking in it.

On the contrary, in RuneScape there’s so many ways to customize your characters as well as the gear you can equip. That being said, you can tailor your own story combining all the available elements, and you can never come to the end of the game, since it’s so rich in content. Instead, there are numerous possible endings.

There are also many things to choose from so you can do whatever you want and become proficient at it. This amount of freedom is one of the main reasons why this game has a strong fan base. Role-playing is about being whoever you can or want to be, not just about great graphics and other features.



There are 28 skills in this game so with this large variety of skills, you can be sure it will keep you entertained for hours. To be precise, some people can manage to take a few hours break but you can never really quit when you start playing! These skills are helping you along the way in the game, and they include agility, construction, farming, hunter, thieving, mining, cooking, magic and so on.

It’s not uncommon to see some players don’t even bother with the combat, and they’re spending their time doing other skills instead. What’s interesting and so addicting is that the more you use the skills the more you level up and you can do so many things with each one of them. They also help you to fuel your in-game economy which gives players a good opportunity to make money. How do they do that? Well out of 28 skills, players who are playing it for free can only master a limited number of them.

The rest of the skills are subject to a small fee which are actually the OSRS gold points or RS gold. These points allow you to purchase various items either by trading between players or from the grand exchange, so they actually are the in-game currency of RuneScape. You can buy weapons, equipment, better gear in general and other essentials in the game or earn more gold with your gold.

This being said, you can always use some extra help and take advantage of the available sources such as to provide yourself with gold that’ll make you stand out. It’s good to mention but you can already see how gold coins are indisputably useful for developing your empire in this strategy game! You can even sell your gold and exchange it for real money.



There are hundreds of quests and frequent updates on the game’s content but the recognizable feature this game has is its unique combat class system. What’s different from other games is the fact that players don’t get to choose a class at the very beginning of the game. Instead, as they level up they can choose new abilities to unlock as they go through the game.

Everybody starts as an ordinary person without classes and while they are fighting for longer, their levels are increasing. Of course, there are some things you can choose along the way like the type of attacks (magic, ranged or combat) and you can choose between several types of attacks such as strength based or defence based. Each of the combat skills that are being used will level up itself which will then allow you to possess different and higher quality weapons.

You can choose and change your attack types and that will have no negative impact on your game, you might as well combine them all! This is a relaxing game in general but there are moments that are quite challenging like stake arena for example. Its overall pace is very slow which allows their players to even play it during their work time at the office.

People can play via various types of accounts, and at the beginning new players are probably going to have to do a bit of research to find out what to do at every level, but the learning curve is good in general, even easy, since there are only 3 styles you have to explore. It is very grindy which is a good thing for all the people who love grinding.

RuneScape is a real proof of the term less is more! It is gorgeous in its simplicity and it’s actually a timeless classic that attracts players for over 19 years and it seems like it won’t stop growing. Give it a try and see for yourself!