Bitcoin the initial cryptocurrency was developed in reaction to the bailouts that occurred by the Great Recession. That’s why there’ll only be 21 million bitcoins produced at a steady regular, predictable rate until the year 2140.

When you consider that 16.7 million bitcoins have already been created as of now, the struggle to get the remaining 4.3M new bitcoins in the coming century is likely to be costly.

If the fact that 4 million bitcoins have not moved and are believed as “lost” to early creators and their deaths, every millionaire in the US would not be able to possess a complete bitcoin worth of the 12 million or so that are in circulation even if they were to.

1. Bitcoin block reward will keep “halving” over time


That means the quantity of bitcoin created by mining efforts can see the bitcoin reward reduced in half every now and then and over and over until 21 million has been achieved. This will make the current and future bitcoin more difficult to come by, and more important.

2. It’s not an inflationary bubble

It’s the first time that in years consumers are driving the way to adopt financial innovation instead of being guided by the fraudulent, self-interested, tax-averse financial elite that is Wall Street. In the recent past, investment banks, big commercial banks, and legislators/regulators would cook up all manner of schemes to continue to enrich themselves, largely at the expense of the middle-to-lower classes.

If the burden of the financial classes’ exclusion of the poor is too much it is when we see events like those of Great Recession. With a new era of investing coming from the bottom this time, and somehow far ahead of traditional and institutional investors having the opportunity to influence it the growth of crypto-wealth is far more durable than the other investment trends from the past. You should check out investing platforms like Ecos for a great centralized way of trading.

3. It is evident that the dollar lost worth


Do not think about inflation. which is a notion that bitcoin dismisses as a deflationary currency. If economists as well as the elite of the financial elite attack bitcoin, claiming that it is worthless and has “no value,” it disproves the notion of the intrinsic significance that is the U.S. dollar itself.

In addition to centuries of advantages being the first to market, constant institutional and social marketing as well as the support of the most powerful force in the world to ensure this, the US dollar does not have any value until we make it worth something. Its value is decreasing.

This value is declining due to the insanity of the executive American leadership, the widespread distrust following the financial scandals and money printing to lift us from the Recession, and also the growing demand for a sovereign world reserve currency. At the very least it appears that the American president is not qualified for the job he was able to determine amid a cloud of suspicion as well as foreign intervention. As many Americans lost their jobs as well as their homes, banks that gambled with their pensions were helped out and are stronger than they have ever been.

Consider that purchasing capacity of the US dollar has dropped around 96 percent in the past 100 years. Since 1976 dollars have been removed from gold standards which anchored the worth of the currency to the equivalent of ounces of gold. Yet we still consider that the dollar is the worldwide reserve currency. With all the factors that are to its disadvantage, it’s an amazing thing that the dollar is considered to be worth anything in the first place.

4. Bitcoin is likely to be worth greater than one million dollars for each coin during our lifetime

The consensus here is that a $1M bitcoin value is in the realm of the world’s money supply. Since it is an asset that is deflationary, HODLers like myself tend to purchase and hold it instead of spending it, which adds to the scarcity of demand.

Additionally, consider that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies break all conventional molds that are associated with financial or FOREX investing. This article is here will explain what the $350-$350 trillion markets for equities, money as well as real estate are all going to be digitalized through blockchain assets.  We’re not even close to the level of a quarter trillion dollars in the market for cryptocurrency at present.

5. It has been consistently outperforming all asset classes


The main reason investors invest is so that we can create the wealth of our families and secure financial futures, isn’t it? As shown by the graph that follows in an earlier blog post there is nothing that has created wealth as much as an investment in bitcoin in the past seven years.

At an era, it’s no longer an investment bubble. It’s real. We are now living in a new financial reality, in which you stand the chance to take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create the wealth of generations to come.

With all the benefits mentioned above and more, in the near future, it’s never enough time to invest in crypto-currencies and get out of the financial market. You must follow all the essential trading segments we’ve mentioned so that you can incorporate them into your Bitcoin trading adventure.

If you’re cautious and organize your actions, you’ll succeed with ease and achieve excellent results, and earning money out of your trading online. This is only a matter of ethical behavior, observing the latest trends, constantly informing yourself about the current state in markets, and, of course, being aware of your limitations. That’s all it takes to excel at this. So with all that being said, happy trading and we wish you the biggest highs!