Is your current hammer becomes old? Have you decided to buy a new one? Would like to try a new type of hammer? Are you interested in buying sledge-hammer? Do you want to buy sledge-hammer with advanced features? Still, are you looking for sledge-hammer? If like so, then you’re on the right path.

This article shares you the review of “Stanley FMHT56011 FATMAX Sledge Hammer, 8 pound”. And, it also tells you the reason for why you need to choose this sledge-hammer.

Features of Stanley FMHT56011 FATMAX Sledge Hammer:

The Stanley is one of the leading providers of hammers for woodworking and all other tools for welding too. The Stanley and family members put their commitments to manufacturing a STANLEY FMHT56011 FATMAX Sledge Hammer, 8-Poundstrong and comfortable hammer with advanced technologies. And, they released a wide range of hammers.

Currently, this company introduced the new “Stanley FMHT56011 FATMAX Sledge Hammer” with the latest features. The features of this Stanley sledge-hammer are described below.

Particle dampened handle:

The Stanley FMHT56011 is made out of particle dampened handle which reduces the vibrations while breaking the strong object. It offers vibration dampening particulates in the handles that eliminate getting vibrations. Compared with a solid core handle, the Stanley particle dampened handle works well to avoid vibrations.

Bullet nose strike face:

The Stanley Sledge Hammer has bullet nose strike face which gives half of more power than the traditional hammer’s head. When comparing with traditional heads, the Stanley Sledge Hammer has the nose in the opposite direction and as well as offers high power.

Anti-Vibe handle grip:

In order to control the vibrations in the sledge-hammer, the Stanley FMHT56011 hammer make use the Anti-Vibe technology. The Stanley Sledge Hammer is made out of Anti-Vibe handle grip. So, it gives the comfort to use and helps to control the handle.

Fiberglass handle:

Moreover, the handle of Stanley is designed with a shatter-proof fiberglass handle. This shatter-proof fiberglass handle provides better durability versus sledge-hammer with wood handle.

Head weight:

The Stanley Sledge Hammer has 8 lb as head weight. This medium weight of head offers a high amount of power to break the strong object.

Handle length:

The length of the Stanley Sledge Hammer is 33 inches. This long handle length keeps you away from the object to save you from flying particles.


The Stanley FMHT56011 comes with an acceptable period of warranty to you.


  • It is made with Anti-Vibe handle grip
  • This hammer reduces so much vibration
  • It includes fiberglass handle
  • The Stanley is available with long length
  • It helps to control the handle

Final conclusion:

If you’re a professional woodworker, then I highly recommend you to buy the Stanley FMHT56011 FATMAX Sledge Hammer. This is a serious hammer for your serious work!!