STANLEY FMHT56019 FATMAX Sledge Hammer

Are you working on the home project? Want to buy a hammer for your project? Do you want to buy a well-featured hammer? Are you still looking for an excellent hammer at a reasonable price? Stay here to know the wonderful and user-friendly hammer.

Features of STANLEY FMHT56019 FATMAX Hammer:

Features of STANLEY FMHT56019 FATMAX HammerSTANLEY is one of the leading providers of tools and they designed the hammer using advanced technology so that you make use of the hammer for any type of home project. In this article, I’m going to tell you about an excellent Stanley FMHT560219 FATMAX hammer and also share with you why this is an excellent choice for you.

Particle dampened handle:

Stanley FATAMX made with a particle dampened handle which offers vibration dampening particulates in the handle. While compared with a solid core handle on other hammers, a Stanley hammer with dampening vibration is much better.

Anti-Vibe handle:

FMHT56019 FATMAX also includes an Anti-Vibe handle. This feature reduces the vibrations, so you can use it comfortably and can keep it in your control.

Bullet nose strike face:

Additionally, FATMAX sledgehammer manufactured with a bullet nose strike face. This bullet nose strike offers more than 50% power than the traditional version of the hammer with heads.

Shatter-proof fiberglass:

Have you already used a wood-handled hammer? What’s about its durability? It’s less!! Then use this Stanley sledgehammer which includes shatter-proof fiberglass. So, it provides better durability than your previous version of the wood handle.

Shatter-proof fiberglass

Head weight:

The head weight of this sledgehammer is only 10lbs and the overall weight is just 10 pounds. So, handling this hammer is very easy. The length of this handle is 33 inches and it’s not too short and too length. This is of medium length, so you can feel comfortable with your home project.


Stanley FMH56019 sledgehammer provides a lifetime warranty.


Are you looking hammer at an affordable price? The price of this Stanley hammer is just about $33.99. This is a reasonable and affordable price only right!!



  • Handle in Stanley is very comfortable to use
  • It includes extra long rubber grip at the bottom
  • It has a powerful handle than other hammer’s handles
  • It doesn’t provide noticeable vibrations
  • It has Lightweight fiberglass handle
  • Great to break up old concrete
  • No functionality loss after a full day of usage
  • It includes great bullet heads


  • It will take some or lots of abuse
  • It looks like gigantic and heavy

Final words:

Do you like to buy an excellent featured hammer? Looking for a hammer with convenient to use? I strongly recommend you to buy STANLEY FMH56019 FATMAX sledge hammer. This well-designed and the high-quality inexpensive hammer is great to have tools for the home project.