Coronavirus has paralyzed the whole world for a couple of months, and the situation is still critical in some parts of the Earth. Many companies have had to stop working, fired some employees, stopped doing their job, and even several airlines have stopped providing their services. Tourism worldwide has been critically affected, especially in countries that are depending on foreign tourists. The effects that the virus has left are quite noticeable and very problematic. As we know, many people lost their job during the most critical days in the lockdowns, because their companies didn’t have any profit.

Among all chaotic situations caused by the Covid-19, one of the most important is with the residences that have been left unoccupied. Many people who own more than one property are unable to return to their homes or visit their weekend houses because the pandemic prevents them from moving from one place to another.

This situation is even worse for foreigners who have houses, apartments, and any type of residence in Spain.  They cannot re-enter the country, and because of that, they also cannot know the condition of their homes, nor give them the care and maintenance they require.

Although this situation can be desperate for many foreigners who are worried about their properties, there is a solution. Many people rent out their properties so that the residences are not unoccupied, and are always guarded. This is one of the ways they can improve home tourism, and even earn some money. If you have a property in another city or country, you can always consider renting it for shorter or longer stays. That will help you keep the property clean, without letting the time to destroy the building (as it often happens with the abandoned houses).

Rent your Spanish property


Since the pandemic began, the rental services have become very popular. Many foreigners provide these services to maintain their homes with supervision, and also to earn extra money that never hurts. Some people were forced to stay in the countries they were visiting at the moment, especially if they were in a critical country with a lot of registered coronavirus cases.

On the other hand, tourists prefer to rent houses or apartments, rather than use a traditional hotel or room services. This way, travelers can stay alone in the property, rent for longer, and be better protected from the virus. Hotels and traditional properties couldn’t afford these protection conditions when the situation was pretty unknown, so people were choosing private houses on Airbnb or Booking, believing they will stay safe from the virus.

If you have a property that you want to rent, you should check the laws in your country, so you can see what rules apply to you, and will you need to pay some renting taxes. The next thing you need to do is to estimate if your property is eligible to be rented to foreigners that will use it as a home for a couple of weeks. And then, you can offer it on some agency website or Booking and Airbnb, so the interested people can find you and make a reservation.

Meet the legal requirements and rent your home in Spain


To comply with all legal requirements and not have any problems, you can hire Tejada Solicitors. They are a law firm that specializes in property transfers, tax returns, residency for foreigners, and any issues related to real-estate things.

This law firm has specialized in rentals in Spain. They are professionals with experience in this area and have been highly recommended by foreigners who have requested their services.

What do you need to start renting out your residence?


To start renting out your residence in Spain, you will first need to make a declaration of responsibility. This will allow you to obtain a license that gives you permission to rent your home. This is a necessary step you need to do, and it’s always to do it immediately, right after you decided to rent your property to the tourists and people in crisis.

This declaration is to know if, in the house where you want to rent, you have everything necessary to make sure that the place is in good condition. These are not very complicated requirements, as most houses already have them. Some of these requirements ask that you have a heating and air conditioning system. Temperatures in winter and summer in some areas of the country can vary a lot and be dangerous, that is why every residence has to have both systems.

You will need to have a phone number available so that visitors can reach you at any time. Besides, the house must have a first aid kit for emergencies.

All the basics, such as electricity and drinking water, must be in perfect condition. Also, the sewage system has to work, and not have any problems. The home needs to have the minimum necessary to live.

It’s understandable that the agency that is renting your apartment od house requires the basic conditions, so the people who stay there can be comfortable and feel like home. If they rent it for a prolonged period, it would be their home for a couple of months, until the situation is under control again and they can go back to their homeland.

This is also a great idea if you have a property in some beautiful area that you are not allowed to visit due to coronavirus pandemic. But, people who are ready to develop local tourism can use it so they can stay there. Many people don’t like the idea to rent their home or weekend house to some strangers, but as time goes by, they see it as one stable way of getting paid. You should only regulate the rent and contracts with the real estate agents or the local renting services, so you can get your money after the arrangement ends.

Manage your rent with a friend or a neighbor


A simple issue, but just as important, is the management of the house. Someone has to take responsibility for the home and have a set of keys to the residence. For these cases, the best thing to do is to get a relative, or a trusted neighbor, to support you in taking care of your property.

If you do not have a neighbor to whom you can give the keys to your home, you will need to find a solution to be able to rent. Try to get a friend who can help you. You can also choose to hire a housekeeper, who will take care of protecting your home.

On the other hand, if your apartment is located in a resort, or in an apartment complex, you will have more facilities. Usually, these apartment groups have a private administration, or they have a security staff that is in charge of keeping the homes in good condition.

Another option is to hire an agency that will keep your property in a nice condition until it’s rented to someone.

Get your first customers


Finally, for you to start earning money from renting your house, you must get your first renters. Although the lawyers will provide you with all the documentation and paperwork so that you can rent, they do not take care of getting the guests.

However, this is actually the easiest thing of all. This business has been growing since the beginning of the pandemic and is becoming increasingly popular. Just by using the Internet and searching a little, you will find your first customers in less than you think.

Post flyers, promotions, and tell everyone you know about your rental. Use your social networks to post photos of your residence and describe everything it has to offer. Don’t let your house in Spain be unoccupied. Use it and start generating an extra income in this quarantine, which is one of the things most of the people had problems with.