Traditionally, telco giants held enough power to sway the markets in the US. Cable, internet, or communication service providers enjoyed never-ending popularity among the consumer circles on the count of distributing a telecom technology that no one else did. This was before the 2010s.

Times have changed now. New digital competitors like OTT services are popping up in the market, challenging the status quo. With more options available to them than ever before, customers are relying on something more than the industry prestige or subscription affordability to evaluate providers and select the best ones for their homes.

In other words, customers of today prioritize the overall service experience above everything. Customer experience is the aggregate of all interactions that a customer has with a business before, during, and after the purchasing process. Thus, it is directly linked with customer service. Customer service is the unit of an organization that is at the forefront of all customer interactions.

If a customer service team is good, they can ensure a satisfying customer experience and vice versa. In this regard, modern-day companies are doing the best they can to take care of customers and their demands efficiently through a robust customer care strategy. Check out here and see for yourself how exemplary cable customer service performs to perfection.

Therefore, telecommunication companies need to bring their customer service up to speed, as well, if they wish to surpass their foes in the market. Why? Because a dissatisfied customer will not only take his or her business to the next telecom competitor but also spread the bad word among his or her social circles. If you’re wondering what is the importance of a customer service strategy in telecom and which reliable telecommunication companies have the best customer service, then stick to this post and unravel the mystery.

Why is Customer Service Important in Telecom?

Customer service is important for every domain, field, and industry since it defines the way consumers perceive a brand and interact with it. For telecom companies, who supply basic communication facilities to consumers, customer service is even more crucial. With a great customer service system in place, telecom operators can fulfill the following goals:

Customer Satisfaction


When customers feel that they are well taken care of, they are not inclined to abandon their subscriptions. Instead, they become satisfied clients, generating revenue for the operator.

Competitive Advantage

Happy customers stick to a telecom company no matter if they get better offers from competitors. This results in a competitive advantage for the provider.

User-Sponsored Marketing


Satisfied customers spread the good word about their telecommunication provider and recommend it to their connections, bringing in new prospects and leads, and helping a company save up on marketing costs.

Repeat Sales

When customers get a good experience with a telecom service, they return for repeat purchases and even try new offers, etc. Since the cost of lead acquisition is more than lead retention, this works out in the company’s favor.

Which Reliable Telecommunication Companies have the Best Customer Service?

Take a look at the best customer service by reliable telecommunication companies below, so you can know exactly which company to go for in the future:



ACSI Rating: 75/100

AT&T is a telecom conglomerate with the best customer service in the market, as evident by the consumer-backed data from the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Whether you are a new customer or a regular one, whether you have a question about the service or you’re facing any issue, you can reach out to the customer service representatives in multiple ways.

AT&T has efficient phone support. You can call its toll-free number during the customer service hours (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time) to get the best response. The technical support helps you troubleshoot internet, TV, or wireless equipment, deal with a service outage, or schedule service appointments.

If you’re not comfortable speaking on the phone, then you can initiate a live chat with AT&T’s live chat agents around the clock. However, the most optimal time for live chat is between 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. AT&T is also active on social media.

You can drop your message or comment in the AT&T forums, Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit profiles of the provider. What’s more, the AT&T support page enlists all the possible FAQs you might have about the services, along with tutorial videos and detailed guides. All of this makes AT&T’s telecom offerings worthwhile and leaves its customers more satisfied than ever.



ACSI Rating: 74/100

Verizon is a big name in the wireless and telecommunication industry. Its internet and mobile network expands all over the US and supplies communication services to thousands of consumers. People love Verizon’s customer service for several reasons.
For starters, it has separate phone numbers for distinct departments, such as consumer sales, business sales, prepaid, national accessibility for customers with disabilities, wireless customer service, and HUM customer service, etc.

The devil is in the details. Anyone with specific needs falling into these categories could dial the respective number and be routed to the perfect agent – saving time, money, and energy in the process. Verizon also makes it easy for its customers to reach out through Messenger or by simply sending in a text message. Users can also post their problems in the Verizon Community Forums to hear what other users have to say about them.

Furthermore, the provider has a signature mobile app and a user-friendly website, appeasing self-sufficient consumers to the utmost degree. This is why Verizon has been given the second-highest ranking on the ASCI, as of 2024, for its customer service and satisfaction.

Wrapping Up

Customer satisfaction is an important metric for a company’s progress. Telecommunication businesses should prioritize customer satisfaction by setting up a remarkable and result-oriented customer service, just like AT&T and Verizon has. Only then, can they supersede their competitors and continue to stay in demand for years to come.