Diamond Engagement Ring

Choosing an engagement ring has been never easy and choosing the best one is always essential when it comes to the engagement ring of your fiancé. Your first and foremost importance must be that she looks great on the engagement day and for that, a proper ring with the best dresses is always necessary and for that 3 Stone Channel Set Princess Cut Diamond Engagement RingDiamond Engagement Ring can prove to be the best present for her.

Features and Specification:

  • Manufacturing Country: USA
  • Weight of the Item: 3 Oz
  • Width of the ring: 1.2”
  • The size of the ring: can be variable
  • Metal type: Rose gold or white gold or yellow gold
  • Metal quality: 14 K
  • Types of gems used: White Diamond
  • Weight of the diamond: 0.74 carat
  • Shape of the diamond: Princess
  • Color of the diamond: F
  • Clarity of Diamond: VVS2
  • Method of creation of the diamond: natural
  • This product comes with the authenticity certificate and also weight can be varied by 6% more or less.
  • The product is presently available for sale in the United States and in certain countries beyond the US.


This 3 Stone Channel Set Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring is a wonderful creation which cannot be expressed in words. There are lots of positives that one can have while wearing this ring:

  • The color of the metal used can be chosen according to your fiancé’s choice and it will look good on her fingers for sure.
  • Your partner will look the most attractive person. She will definitely become the center of the party.
  • The diamonds used in this ring are so natural and well cut the glaze is almost inevitable at once the light gets on it.
  • This very engagement ring has the most beautiful cut diamond one can have, the princess cut, which can make anyone look the most beautiful on this earth.
  • The 3 stone channels give the opportunity to a jeweler to make it more beautiful with the other small size diamonds they Market Feedbackcan fix in it.
  • The overall look of this ring is absolutely amazing and gives the feel of being on the top of the world during your happy day.


As the diamond rings are so precious and it looks beautiful in the hands of your loved ones, always. There have not been any such issues found as of yet regarding this diamond ring as well. Let’s just say this diamond ring can give you the feel of perfection altogether.

Market Feedback:

The market feedback for this ring has been great. This 3 Stone Channel Set Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring has made a lot of people happy and their fiancés as well. You will surely amaze and surprise your loved one if you plan to present her this ring. Once you buy this ring, it would prove to be the most adorable companion for you and your fiancé during your coming life after the wedding. This ring can surely make your new starting a wonderful one and not only your partner but also others would love this gift for sure.