There are certain features and aspects of the technological gadgets human beings use that they do not know anything about. Sometimes not that important, we do not realize what goes into making our phones or computers, nor do we understand how exactly everything works. Although we do not need to understand how something works in order to be able to use it, it certainly helps.

Our smartphone devices are perhaps the best examples of this, as they are small yet equipped with tons of features and markings that we pay next to no attention to. One of these is the international mobile equipment identity number, or IMEI number for short. This seemingly unimportant code of 15 digits serves no purpose, at least according to many people who never thought about it.

In actuality, it is a very important feature of your phone that can be used for multiple purposes. In this article, you will learn some interesting facts about the IMEI number of your phone. If you wish to learn more about it and see what else it can do, make sure to check out eimei24.

What is it?


Every electronic device no matter how big or small, or expensive or budget, has some kind of a number used for identifying it. It is there to set it apart from all of the other models so that each can be at least a little bit individual. Therefore, it serves almost as a VIN code on a vehicle. There is no point in trying to obscure or erase it since it will make your device less useful in some ways. Below, you will learn exactly why this seemingly useless string of numbers can help you and save you.

1. Security Number for the Phone

Much the same way how a social security number functions for a person, the IMEI helps to prove that the phone is what you or someone else is or is not. As a person gets a number at birth, the phone gets a number in order to be identifiable. This is especially important now when connecting to various networks. Every year, more than 10 million iPhones enter the world, and that is just one brand. As they all look exactly alike, how else would one distinguish among them?

2. Easy to Find


If you ever need to find your IMEI number, it is quite easy to find. Perhaps the easiest method of doing it is to open your keypad and enter *#06#. Hit the “Call” button or the “Send” button and the phone will show you its IMEI number immediately. Android and iOS devices have one more way of giving you the number. On Apple products, go to Settings, General, About, and you will see it displayed. If you have a Samsung, a Huawei, or any other Android phone, navigate to Settings, About, Phone, Status. The number is usually present below the battery, sometimes on the back of the phone, as well as on the box.

3. Safety

If you want to learn about where your phone is from originally, or if you wish to check its origins and prior owners, you can through the use of this number. Since you can precisely track the device and its history, there is nothing to be unsure about. Simply search the IMEI number and you can learn a lot about your device and what it has been through, especially if you are not the first owner.

4. Tracking Stolen Devices


As the subtitle says, the IMEI number offers an amazing way to track the phone and potentially get it back if it has been stolen or if you have lost it. Smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches are among the most stolen and sought after items today. Although looking for it if this happens to you may seem like a desperation move, many people have managed to get their devices back. You can call your provider and tell them the number. They will do their job and prevent people from accessing the number related to the phone. They will then not be able to jailbreak the phone. Some providers block the IMEI numbers, rendering the phone useless.

5. Seventh and Eight Digits Tell a Lot

The seventh and eighth digits say a lot about the origins of the phone. For example, if they are either 02 or 20, the phone was assembled in the United Arab Emirates, hence the quality will be lower. Digits 08 or 80 mean that Germany is the country of manufacturing and that the quality is slightly better. The quality is high if the phone was made in Finland, with numbers 01 and 10. If perhaps the numbers are 03, 30, 04, or 40, China is the country and the quality is good, somewhere between Germany and Finland. Numbers 05 and 50 are for Brazil, the USA, or Finland, and 06 or 60 are Mexico, Hong Kong, or China. The worst-case scenario is if your phone was on the line in Azerbaijan, number 13.

6. Manufacturers Assign It


The IMEI numbers are assigned by the manufacturer and they are unique. They cannot be changed, legally that is. There have been cases where people have tried changing their devices’ IMEI numbers, which led them to a jail cell. Therefore, make sure not to mess with it and keep it private. You do not want others knowing your IMEI as you never know what they might use it for.

Conclusion and Takeaways

Basically, the international mobile equipment identity number is an important asset in the protection of your electrical gadget, especially the one you carry around like your smartphone first and foremost. It is also useful for tablets, smartwatches, and even laptops. If something bad happens and you are left without your phone, you are at least able to somewhat protect your information by getting in touch with the provider who can do certain things to help you. Otherwise, you can use it to learn where your phone was assembled and what its history is if it is a second-hand device. With this data, you can care for it more properly or be ready for its long or short life depending on the country of origin.