Did you know that paints’ color is so much more than just adding a touch of beauty and décor to the interior and exterior of your home? Color is so much more than just a visual experience. The different colors impact our moods and emotions differently. It wouldn’t be wrong to state that colors are the perfect medium for communicating ideas, perspectives, and themes, along with setting the tone of each room or living area of your house. That said, colorful paints are an excellent way of communicating ideas and projecting one’s personality.

Undoubtedly, every one of us experiences colors subjectively and react as per our color perceptions.  However, numerous researches and psychoanalysis have proven that specific colors generate individual responses. For instance, the cooler hues of colors, such as blue and green, exude calmness, and be depressing. On the other side, the warmer tones, such as red and orange, can generate a sense of comfort, warmth, and aggressiveness. That said, let us get familiar with what different colors represent according to psychology. This study can be quite useful if you are considering re-renovating your home. If this is the case, you might want to check in with the Painters in Airdrie and see the fantastic services they have to offer. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into a brief list of different colors and what they represent according to human psychology. Learn more about them visiting this site.

The Color Blue


Blue falls into the category of calming colors that exude coolness. Typically, the color blue is linked with the sky and even heaven. Blue paints blend in well with bedrooms and restrooms due to their calming impacts. If you know someone who likes the color blue, they are more likely to be loyal, robust, calm, and trustworthy.

The Color Yellow

This summery color symbolizes happiness, inspiration, and optimism. It is also considered to be quite trendy. If you want to bring a sunny feel to one part of your living space, you might want to consider painting that space pale yellow. The mellow yellow won’t overwhelm the eyes while keeping them all cozy and sunny.

The Color Red


From the psychological perspective, red exudes energy, excitement, warmth, and confidence. Typically, the people who love the color red are courageous, energetic, pumped, lively, confident, and passionate. That said, if you want to add a touch of cheerfulness and warmth to your living space, you might want to consider painting the walls candy-apple red.

The Color Purple

There are various tones of the color purple. Typically, this color appeals to the senses and instigates imaginations to take flight. That said, purple is well-associated with luxury, wealth, and even royalty. From a psychological viewpoint, the people who love the color purple are considered imaginative, romantics at heart, creative, and possess wisdom. That said, if you want to create a room where you can relax, meditate, and enjoy the serenity, you might want to paint the walls in a calming shade of light purple or lilac.

The Color Black


Mystery, elegance, and power are all associated with the black shade. If you know someone who likes this shade, you are more likely to find them ambitious, determined, and essentially sophisticated. That said, it is also essential to know that too much of this shade can also cast a sense of doom, depression, and gloominess. You might want to use it in contrast to other colors to add a touch of drama and sophistication to your living space.

The Color Gray

Gray falls into the category of classicism and elegance. Grey blends in perfectly with other colors as you can set a contrast with warmer shades for creating a livelier, sophisticated, and yet inviting living space. According to color psychology, people who like this shade are usually very intelligent, consistent, and disciplined. They are focused and know what they want from life.

The Color White


If you want to create a calm, clean, and refreshing look in your living space, then you ought to go for the color white. If you are looking for a contemporary décor for your interiors, we recommend going for the warmer shades of white. The warmer shades of white will also exude coziness, which is perfect for the living area of your home.

The Color Green

You must already be familiar that green is the color of nature. That said, it is cool, relaxing, calm, and essentially soothing to the eyes and mind. If you are looking towards bringing energy, happiness, joyful vibes, and positivity to a room, consider painting it in a shade of green, maybe lime green. According to psychology, people who like green live happier, fulfilling, and balanced lives. They are also stable and persistent by nature. If you feel depressed, it is always a good idea to go out in the garden, look at the green plants, and feel revitalized. This is why many recommend taking a walk in the green meadows and enjoy nature at its best.

The Color Pink


This color is a family member of the color red, only more delicate, feminine, romantic, and innocent. If you were to compare the colors red and pink, you would find pink as more tranquil, serene, and feminine. This is also why many parents prefer painting the bedrooms of their baby girls in pink color. Though genders cannot be categorized according to color preferences, the color pink is still considered feminine.

The Color Silver

This color symbolizes glitz, glamor, wealth, and prosperity. According to human psychology, people whose favorite color is silver are very motivated in life. They also tend to have a sense of fashion and style. If you want to add a touch of richness, wealth, and prosperity to your room, we recommend going for silver accessories.

The Color Orange


Last on our list; we have the color orange. This shade is part of the red family as it symbolized warmth, energy, liveliness, passion, enthusiasm, and balance. The color orange is also deemed as a fruity and wholesome color. According to human psychology, people who like this color are very outgoing, friendly, extroverted, and tend to get along with everyone. That said, this shade could be the perfect background blend for your dining area.