Going digital in the early 2000s has changed us from a pocket phone book to a phone that fits in our pockets with the names of all our contacts, phone numbers, and any other information we may need to jot down. However, with COVID-19 in 2024 causing us to go nearly entirely virtual, the need for a simple, online address book has become even more apparent than ever before.

This is where Covve comes in, an app that while having all the high-tech features the Contacts app on even the newest iPhone lacks, maintains the feel of a simple, online address book where all information can be safely stored and organized.

What Can an Online Address Book Do?


The app is a necessity for someone looking to organize their contacts in the easiest way possible. Having all of the information readily available makes the app more accessible than a regular, physical pocketbook for addresses.

It will only take up a few gigabytes on your phone, which will easily fit in your pocket. While a physical pocketbook has a limited number of pages, the app will not limit the number of contacts you can add. It has an activity tab for each contact, can be used to make calls and send messages or emails, and will automatically log these activities to record recent activity. These features make this simple, online address books not only a want but a need.

In addition, an online address book in an app makes it nearly impossible to forget someone’s name or where you met them with its feature that seamlessly adds notes, tags, and locations of your contact. Imagine not having to struggle with where you met someone, what their name was, or their title.

At conferences where you meet hundreds of people over the course of merely a few days, it can be easy to forget their name, but remember their occupation and where you met them. Luckily, your personal relationship management app remembers all of their information so you do not have to.

Why You Need One


This simple, online address book is a necessity for those that know the importance of networking and maintaining consistent contact, but sometimes need a simple reminder. Everyone gets busy and it becomes easy to forget reaching out to that important  connection you wanted to network with.

However, a relationship management app with a simple online address book has you covered with its smart reminders feature. The app will generate automatic reminders that make you aware when it is the right time to reach out to that important connection. It will also alert you when it has been just a little too long since your last time contacting them. It remembers to keep networking for you, even when you forget, making this simple, online address book a must have for those with a lot on their plate.

It is specifically designed for a smartphone, with artificial intelligence and advanced features making this user-friendly and easy to use. The app even has easy sign-up options and being on a smartphone allows you to access all of its features without trouble.

Online Business Card Scanners Are An Essential Networking Tool


Networking events have gone digital to adapt to social distancing regulations. This impact will stay prominent with the rise of online networking apps like LinkedIn gaining more and more users. The need for networking is always there, however, the way it’s done nowadays will stay as the norm.

Networking going digital is not something that’s new. LinkedIn and social media have given people ways to meet and interact with people all over the world. Online networking is more and more common, and will easily become the predominant form of networking if it isn’t already. People should take advantage of relationship management apps to help them organize their networking information and make sure they can reach the contacts they make through networking as easy as possible.

Out with the Old


Business cards are outdated. While the information on them is useful and people still have the need for them, the format of the business card is outdated. People still hand them out and take them because the need to maintain contacts is always there. Business cards are essential in trying to help grow a business and can even be used as a form of advertising for a business.

But, paper business cards are hard to keep track of and can easily get lost or damaged, resulting in losing valuable contacts. An app provides a business card scanner service that allows anyone to maintain and organize their contacts. With the business card scanner, you can seamlessly add the contact information to your backed-up online storage and use it as needed.

Enable your phone with features like:

  1. Take a photo of a card and save the details automatically using the AI-powered scanner
  2. Allow for easy notes, tags, and location labels
  3. Organize and search with an easy and powerful interface
  4. Share contact details with colleagues via email, text, WhatsApp, etc.
  5. Use as a standalone app, or alongside any CRM to improve data entry and efficiency
  6. Export data to excel easily

By using a business card scanner, people can make sure they can never lose important contacts again. Having all your contact information in one organized and online location can improve the quality of your networking. You can remember when and where you met the person and easily organize contacts with the preference that best suits your needs and allows you to be successful.


The AI-powered business card scanner ensures a 96% accuracy of the information from the card, which gives you the peace of mind of making sure you have the correct contact info. Covve also uses an auto-language recognition software that can read over 30 languages. Being able to scan business cards of different languages makes this service more essential if the business is global and has the need for clients in multiple countries.

Get news alerts affecting your contacts and reach out to people with set smart reminders. You can segment and quickly navigate your contact network using the easy interface. You can make sure to keep contacts organized and only use what you actually need. You can create and share digital business cards, a service especially useful for businesses trying to go green.

Secure apps will also keep your data private and safe. People want their personal information to stay safe and secure which is why you need an app that also prioritizes privacy and security. All your personal information stays with only you, and only you can share it.