Playing online casino slots can be a very interesting hobby, especially if you are good at it and you always end up winning more than you bet. After all, money is a very important factor in life, especially nowadays, so if you can earn them while having fun, you’re basically living the dream of every person. But, when you first playing at a casino, you are not even close to being an expert. In fact, the first few times you have no idea what’s going on until someone helps you out or you learn it yourself the hard way.

Even though there’s something called “the beginner’s luck”, we still believe that experience and a lot of playtime is what helps you get better.

Since playing online casino slots is a very hot topic now that the pandemic closed all the real casinos, we decided to come up with an article that will serve as a quick guide to every beginner online casino enthusiast. Willing to learn some more and increase your winnings immediately? Feel free to stick with us until the very end of this guide. Let’s take a look at what you need to know.

1. Choose the not so complicated games


It’s not a secret that some slot titles are just way too complicated. The developers did a great job adding so much content, but sometimes simplicity is what keeps the player entertained and “hooked” to the game. Most of us don’t want to focus on a story when playing slots, we want to have fun and earn some money if possible. So, it’s easier to master a not-so-complicated title, so make sure to choose those for a start before heading over to something that seems complex. At least that’s what works for many.

2. Stick with one game for a longer time

The best way to master anything in life is to simply spend more time doing it. So, if you want to master let’s say “Book of Dead” for example, which by the way is one of the most popular slot games in the casino world, you simply have to spend more time playing it. Don’t constantly switch between other games because that way you’ll be a “jack of all trades but master of none”. However, if you are still not sure what game you want to stick with, trying out different ones is a great idea, but do it only when the casino itself offers a free trial, or “bonus rolls”.

3. Find something you enjoy playing


It’s very important to enjoy the game that you’re playing, otherwise you simply won’t stick with it and it will be definitely not a pleasant thing to spend a lot of time on. But, if you find something that looks appealing to you both visually and gameplay-wise, then you’re off to a great start. is a website where you can find a lot of choices. Don’t spend your time looking around when some much helpful websites have already done our homework for us. It’s a great thing that in most online casinos you can sort by “Hot” or “Trending Now” filters, so you can easily find what other people think is cool to play, which is a great starting point.

4. Play at online casinos that offer free entry bonuses

We mentioned this earlier, but let’s mention it again since your personal economy is in question. If you want to try many different titles with the goal of finding something you enjoy playing, do it only at casinos that allow you to try games for free. Otherwise it’s just not worth it. Not that you cannot earn some money while doing this, but you will be unfamiliar with all the games and your chances of winning will be much slimmer.

5. Take a look at a few tutorials on YouTube


If you really cannot figure out how a certain game should be played, for about 99% of all popular slot titles there is a quick tutorial made either by the developers or by someone who enjoy playing the game and is already experienced with it. Feel free to search these up if you want a head start. There are even a lot of streamers on gaming platforms such as that constantly play slots, so you can learn from them if that’s your thing.

6. Ask for an advice from someone more experienced you know

It’s always a great thing to ask for advice for literally anything in life that seems to be difficult at start for you. If you have someone who is already experienced in playing slots at an online casino, ask for an advice. Let them explain how it’s done and try to get a recommendation for a good starter-friendly game. This will help you out a ton in the beginning until you figure out all the controls and the core concepts of every slot game.

7. Don’t focus on non-slot games so you have more time


Last but not least, if you want to become better at Poker or Blackjack, you need to spend time playing those two games. But, if you want to get better at slots, then you have to spend more time playing those instead, so don’t get distracted by other games and focus on your goal.


When you finally master online casino slots and you know what to expect from almost every roll, the entire experience changes. You will have a lot more fun and you will know how to maximize your winnings with only the bare minimum in terms of betting amount.

Since the global pandemic closed up all of the local casinos, many people that enjoy playing slots have now moved over to the internet at the so-called online casinos. If it’s your first time playing, our quick guide will help you get started. We hope that everything we’ve said in today’s article was clear and instructional enough, and we wish you the best of luck with your bets in the future. If you want to play for fun, there are plenty of sites on the Internet that offer free games to try. BoomtownBingo is a website where you can find a lot of games that you could try for your free