3 Best Protective Hairstyles That Actually Protect Natural Hair

Protecting your hair from external factors is much easier, when compared with the hairstyles that make your hair go all strangled. There are lots of options that can help you when it comes to protective hairstyle. There are lots of things you would be thinking, like if the hairstyle would look good on you, or if you can Comb Coilsenjoy flaunting the hair. Here are a few protective styles for short natural hair that would look great for short natural hair.

Comb Coils:

Even if you have shorter tresses, this hairstyle would work for you. The hair about 1 inch too is perfect for this. All you need are a rat tail comb and a gel. Make partings on your hair, and ensure that they are small. They should be of one-half inch, and under the rat tail comb wrap your hair. Begin with the root and end outwards. Release the comb from your hair, and you can style the coils using your fingers if you like to do so.

Bantu Knots:

You can create basic parts of your hair that would travel from the front to the back. You can also get the diamond-shaped patterns that look trendy. You can use pomade or even a gel would do to twist the hair. Twist into small sections of the hair into knots. You need to tuck the hair under the base using the bobby pins. When you take them out the next day, you get a wavy hair and kinky curls too. Do not think that your shot hair can make any progress with this hairstyle, for you need not have a long sized hair. With the hair that is shorter than 2 inches to is good enough to sport this style. You always can direct the fall of the twists in the direction you want. Using gel or pomade can help you create the hair falling all at back, or a part of it on the sides too.

Bantu Knots

For many, just this couple of styles can make feel that there are not many options. In fact, this is true, for you cannot find more than half a dozen styles even after searching for hours. But there are lots of pros when you choose these styles. They do not rub against your neck, and best for this summer. For those, who want to work comfortably during the summer, the short tresses can make the task easy. They do not take much time. Additionally, they do not rub against the collar, and you need not spend time in removing the stains caused by this. A couple of styles here would work even with the shortest hair lengths. So, if you had a drastic transition from a long hair size to the shorter tresses, then you need to choose these. You need not wait eagerly for your hair to grow but can add beauty and style with these simple styles. Getting fantastic styles even with shorter hair is possible if you can manage to alter the curls and twists for your short hair.