Some like to wear it long while some like to wear it short. The length of your hair is a decision that lies with you and your preference only. Short hair is a style that has been returning to women over the ages in new styles and forms. The modern times see a number of short hairstyles that are pretty enough to have you get rid of those pretty locks. Not only are these hairstyles some of the best looks you can opt for but are also a great way to withstand hair fall for a long time. Long hair tends to be exposed to the chances of

  • Hair breakage
  • Hair fall
  • Split ends
  • Formation of dandruff through the accumulation of dirt and sweat
  • Losing volume
  • Losing proteins and the natural shine and lustre, and much, much more.

With short hair, none of these problems will pose an issue for you. The short hairstyles for women with thick hair are easy to maintain and also high on the style quotient. Get geared for a new look.

3 Popular Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair:

One of the easiest ways to make thick hair more manageable is actually by cutting it off. Chopping it down a few inches will not only make the hair more manageable but will also make it look healthier and more voluminous. Some of the top short hairstyles that are most commonly opted for by women all over the world for that new and renewed look, include

The Asymmetrical A Line

If you are looking for a trendy and edgy look to come out of those long, limp, thick locks then the Asymmetrical A Line is the perfect option you have in front of you. A bit of asymmetry to the locks makes all the difference you required in your looks. The A-Line is sure to turn some heads wherever you go. Again, this is a great option for people with asymmetrical features like an ear smaller than the other, or an eyebrow higher than its pair, etc.

The A-Symmetrical A Line

The Smoothed Out Sweetheart

If smooth and straight is what you are aiming for then the smoothed out sweetheart will sure have your heart-melting, and many others for you. One of the best characteristics of short hair is, it looks neat and great when smoothed out. This helps to showcase the brilliant cut of the hair and also accentuated the natural sheen and lustre of the hair colour. This is one of the best short hairstyles for women in different fields of work, easily manageable, yet trendy.

Smoothed Out Sweetheart

The Edgy Asymmetrical

If you really dislike managing your thick, long locks and have a hard time maintaining them, then the edgy asymmetrical look is your blessing in disguise.

Edgy Asymmetrical Hairstyle

These top three short hairstyles for women with thick hair are your best option to having the trendiest look around. No fussing over maintenance anymore.