Hair loss is hard to cope with no matter when it may occur. Both men and women deal with it and there are various reasons why it happens. It could be related to some health problems, deficiency of the important nutrients and vitamins as a result of bad life habits, or simply due to aging. Whatever the case may be, nobody likes when their hairline starts receding or when their hair starts getting thinner and weaker.

This is why people have been wearing wigs for thousands of years. One of the earliest fashion statements dates back to ancient times when ancient Egyptians made elaborate works of art for their hair. Throughout history, the greatest monarchs and people of influence wore them as status symbols, opting to cover their often healthy head of hair in favor of majestic wigs made by true masters of the art.

Nowadays, it is much easier to purchase and wear a wig as things have become much more accessible for all social classes and pocket depths. Therefore, if you experience hair loss or if you simply need a wig for a special occasion when you cannot think of a hairstyle or have no time for a trip to the hair salon, you can get a brand new, high-quality model.

In this article, we will explore the dos and the don’ts of wearing headband wigs. You will learn exactly what to aim for and what to avoid when wearing one. To find out more about them and perhaps even order one for your needs, make sure to check here.

What to Look for


Before we explore the dos and the don’ts, we have to determine what you should look for when buying a wig. First of all, it has to be made well enough to be put on relatively quickly. Headband wigs only take 10 or so minutes to put on compared to between 60 and 120 minutes needed for lace varieties. This is in part because there is no glue to use, nor is there any need for attaching and cutting. Your scalp will be more protected, and the headband will stick tight enough not to slip or move.

The wig also has to be lightweight enough to be comfortable and feel more natural. This will help you with hot weather, look nicer, and be more suitable for whatever you decide to wear. Speaking off, there are numerous shades, styles, and lengths of these neat wigs to choose from, both for men and women.

Last but not least, you have the option of real human hair or synthetic hair. Of course, the genuine wigs are more expensive, they look better, and they are much harder to care for, just like natural human hair. On the other hand, synthetic ones are made to last between 4 and 6 months are much cheaper and less durable. You cannot style them as much as real wigs, and they tolerate heat worse. However, if you do not want to spend too much time maintaining it, they are the ones for you.

The Dos

Now that your knowledge of wigs has been expanded considerably, it is time to determine what you should go for when wearing one.

1. Wear layered clothing

Pulling clothes over your head can be enemy number one when wigs are concerned, for obvious reasons. Therefore, make sure to only wear clothes with zippers or buttons that you can easily remove without the need to go over the head. Else, you might move or pull off the wig and ruin the look.

2. Use sunblock on your head

Before you put on your wig, make sure to put sunblock on your head if you mean to spend some time in the sun. Hair or no hair, your scalp is quite prone to sunburns as it is some of the most sensitive skin on our bodies.

3. Adjust by grasping the seam



If you need to adjust your wig while wearing it, avoid touching the hair itself no matter if it is real or synthetic. With real hair, you risk damaging it or making it dirty, while you may easily pull out synthetic hairs. Instead, go for the headband on the sides.

4. Use hair products

To maintain the wig, you will have to use hair products. For real hair, feel free to use regular hair products you would for your natural hair. For synthetic, you must never use them because they will be damaged. There are specific products for synthetic hair so use those with cold water. Blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons are a definite no as well.

The Don’ts

It is time to mention a few things you should always avoid.

1. Do not wear high neck clothes


Clothing with high neck tops can interfere with the hair and rub against it, damaging and messing the bottom of the wig. Definitely avoid turtlenecks and other clothes that barely show your neck.

2. Too hot to wear

Although it sounds strange, there are certain instances when it is simply too hot to wear a wig. Maybe you will not feel hot, but you cannot escape overheating at the peak of the summer. Sweating more than usual is an obvious sign of this. Besides soaking the hair of the wig, sweat could also stretch it and ruin the headband.

3. No hats


No matter how much you like all the different hats and caps, they can cause major damage to the wig if you are not careful, especially with synthetic hair. Friction will ruin the hairs beyond repair. Furthermore, if you sweat underneath, the hat and the sweat will absolutely ruin and damage everything and you will have to buy a new one.

4. No swimming or showering

While wearing, you should absolutely never go swimming or take a shower. All the added weight of the water will stretch everything out, ruining the wig which will never stretch bag to its original length and size. In addition, things like saltwater, chlorine, natural organisms, and chemicals in the water are all capable of immense damage.