Damaging effects of detoxifying on your own

Getting sober on your own is not only difficult but also hazardous. There is a very high chance of relapse and you can certainly not provide yourself with all the medical information that is required for your detoxification. When you are on drug abuse or drug addiction or alcoholism, your body becomes dependent on the drugs to function. You can no longer function properly both psychologically or physiologically and you are in continuous need of the substance. To reduce tolerance and detoxify your body, a sudden removal can result in adverse symptoms. Certain drugs require medical detox that you cannot get at your home.

For that reason, if you try to detoxify your body on your own, you can make it worse without any professional help. When besides, you lose control of yourself, and even if you have taken a step closer to detoxification of your body, you cannot let go of the tempted environment around you as long as you have access to the substances. You can never get better in the environment that made you worse. So it’s important for you that if you want a better life, a purposeful and a sober life, you should seek help from the nearby inpatient drug rehabs that provide you with all the facilities needed for you to start your sober journey.

Inpatient Drug Rehabs


Inpatient drug rehabs are the residential treatment programs where you are provided with fully monitored medical care and nursing facilities. They not only provide medical assistance but also emotional and social support to not only lead you to a healthy life but also a purposeful life. Drug addiction can have an adverse effect on your body but it deeply affects the people around you. Substance use not only destroys your physical body, but it also impairs your personal and social life. Inpatient rehab while focusing on your body detoxification provides you with psychological counseling and therapies both individual and group therapies to prepare you for real-world responsibilities.

Why choose an inpatient drug rehab

When you have decided to seek help for your detoxification, there are numerous options for you to choose from, you can go for inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, or receive a door-to-door concierge depending on your schedule and convenience. And if you are someone seeking help for your loved ones, you might want to go for inpatient treatment. Here are some of the reasons to help you acknowledge the benefits of inpatient drug rehab on your recovery process.

Distraction-free environment


Inpatient drug rehabs offer a distraction-free and safe environment where you can effortlessly concentrate on your sobriety and detoxification without the allurement of the outside world and people’s judgment towards you. The environment in most drug rehabs is healthy and green where you get yourself close to nature and your individuality.

Long-term tailored recovery programs

The treatment you receive at an inpatient drug rehab is highly customized to your need and severity of your addiction to making sure you are getting the best level of treatment necessary for your recovery. Some people reside in the facility for just a few days, others stay longer and some may need even a longer period. Your stay is highly determined by the severity of your addiction, your family history of addiction, any co-occurring mental health disorder, or history of any prior treatment.

24/7 medical supervision


Staying in the inpatient treatment, the rehabs provide you with 24/7 medical support by highly trained medical and health professionals so you can rest assured and receive treatment without any worries. The professionals take care of your health and safety throughout your treatment and even provide aftercare service.

Emotional Support

In addition to detoxification if your body, health professionals, and psychiatrists work together to design a 12 step program and support meetings that prepare you for long-term sobriety. A 12 step program is proven effective in the successful treatment for your addiction.

Psychological Counselling


Among the various reasons for addiction, difficulty coping with stress is the prominent one. In dealing with the stress and emotional management, counselors at your rehab center help you come with it. Counseling will help you and your counselor get to the root of your problem and aid in your treatment. Through counseling, you will learn the coping mechanisms to prevent you from relapse and maintain your sobriety

Family Counselling

Family relationships are mostly composed with your drug use or can leave permanent damage in your relationships. Family counseling will help you repair the damage caused by your substance abuse or if any of your family members has been in drug addiction. Moreover, family counseling will help you get the emotional support needed for your recovery in a long run.

Physical Activity and exercise


The rehab center offers physical activity programs like physical therapy to stabilize your emotions and help manage the bodily damage caused by substance use. Physical activities help in the regulation of good hormones that are necessary for your stress management.


Meditation is the best way to calm one’s mind and have inner peace to minimize stress and elicit relaxation. Inpatient rehabs give importance to mediation to help you cope with the withdrawal symptoms.

Dealing with Co-occurring Disorders


The consumption of drugs or substances often give rise to other mental health condition or any mental health condition can lead to the usage of drugs. Individuals who are diagnosed with both mental health conditions and addiction are referred to as having a co-occurring disorder. The treatment of the co-occurring disorder can be sophisticated and require high-level professionalism in dealing with symptoms that can often mask the symptoms of addiction. If left untreated the co-occurring disorder can often increase the risk of indulging in drug use again. That is why the medical and health professionals at the rehab center work together to provide the best treatment option for you. Browse this website to get more info.