There are a lot of people who adore flowers. Flowers are considered the most beautiful decoration and it is also one of the best gifts you can give to a woman in different situations. Roses stand out for their beauty and fragrance, so everywhere in the world one hundred and one roses are given as a sign of love and attention. If you are one of the people who loves flowers, especially roses, then you probably know the name Asif Ali Gohar. Read more about him, his work on crossbreeding and generally about crossbreeding of roses below.

About Asif Ali Gohar


Although very successful in his hometown, Asif Ali Gohar was not so well known to the world public until recently. Born exactly 40 years ago, a very successful botanist, he reached the public eye with the creation of Gohar rose. He has two children. He lives and was born in Lahore, where he owns a floral shop that he inherited from his parents. Lahore is a city of over 10 million inhabitants, the second largest in Pakistan, just behind Karachi, and much larger than the capital, Islamabad. That is why his floral shop is very successful, because Lahore is a very big market, and he is a very recognized botanist, as is his father. However, for the past 10 years, he has worked hard to create a new type of flower. It took him a decade and numerous cross-breedings, but in the end he succeeded.

The Gohar rose


As soon as he embarked on the endeavor of creating a new flower, it was clear to all who had knowledge of botany that we were on the threshold of something great if he successful crossbreed. Due to his great knowledge and perseverance, Asif Ali Gohar managed to make a Gohar rose. In his own words, you have to be very patient to succeed. According to the information we found on

Gohar rose is a cross between the Rosa chinensis and Rosa multiflora. Both types are very popular, so his choice of these two types for crossing was very interesting. Obviously, his great knowledge helped him choose the types because now he got a beautiful new flower. Gohar rose blooms in autumn, especially in late autumn. The beauty of the petals stands out, while the scent is certainly not the main characteristic of this flower. It can last for a very long time, which is another big plus, with only one watering a day. We all want when giving a rose to someone, to last as long as possible. How beautiful the Gohar rose is tells you that its floral shop barely manages to satisfy the demand, and they are working quickly to increase the production capacity because very soon the demand will exceed the supply.

Where to buy it?


If you are thrilled with this new flower and want to buy it as soon as possible, we will have to disappoint you. Currently, it is only possible to buy it at Gohar’s floral shop in Lahore, even in the rest of Pakistan you will find it hard to buy it. However, be patient because the situation will soon improve. Distribution is planned soon throughout Pakistan, and later certainly outside this country. Given how popular it has become in a short time and that it is very unique, it should be expected everywhere in the world in the coming years. Surely no botanist will miss having it, as soon as production can meet the needs of the world market. Of course, Gohar insists on quality, so he will make his product available on foreign markets only when he is sure that the he can meet highest quality standards. If you are the owner of a floral shop, contact him, so maybe arrange cooperation in the future. This will surely further enhance the business of your floral shop, as this is a unique flower, well-deserving of main position at your shop window.

Facts about crossbreeding by Asif Ali Gohar


Surely you are interested to know something about this process, and these are the facts that Asif Ali Gohar personally said.

It takes a very long time

As you probably guessed, the whole process is very long, because so many things need to be done until it gets close to the goal, and then a lot of corrections of the obtained product. Yet for every botanist there is nothing more beautiful or interesting than trying to create a new plant. It is the ultimate professional satisfaction that Gohar rose brought him.

Hybrids have shorter lifespan

It is generally known that hybrids have shorter lifespan and that is why Gohar one of the biggest challenges was to make the lifespan of his new flower longer than other hybrids. He has succeeded in this, even though they are significantly more sensitive because genetic diversity is very small. But with knowledge and dedication, its plant has a very long lifespan compared to other hybrids.

Seeds are significantly more expensive

Experts in this field compare such seeds with Formula 1 cars because they are very expensive and difficult to produce. It takes five or more years to be made, along with various other investments, this makes the seed significantly more expensive. But it always pays off in the end.

Hybrids also exist in nature

Gohar revealed to us one secret, which is mostly known only to experts in the field of botany. Hybrids can also occur in nature if the two flowers are very close to each other. In this way, it can happen that the seed of one ends up on the other and in that way a hybrid is obtained in nature. Then, instead of botanists, bees and bugs perform the whole process. According to him, this is how we get beautiful specimens that we all admire in nature, but they are very rare because many factors need to coincide in order to get a hybrid in nature.



We are sure that after reading this text you can’t wait to see this new type of flower live. Be patient, because it will happen soon, we are sure.