In recent decades, there has been a noticeable increase in the use of services related to hair extensions. In recent years, there has been a particularly high demand for virgin hair extensions. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more hair salons offer this type of service. However, when purchasing hair extensions, you must take care of quality – if you want your customers to be satisfied. Therefore, it is very important to choose reliable but also affordable suppliers. Therefore, here are 5 tips for finding affordable virgin hair vendors.

The Hair Upgrade Industry Is Growing Very Fast


As we already know, the hair extension industry has been showing a progressive growth rate for decades. It is a specialized branch in this industry – that deals with aesthetic hair extensions that you may need for various reasons. Such services include things such as hair extensions, wigs, hairpins, etc. When it comes to the materials from which hair extensions are made – they can be synthetic or natural, that is, from human hair. Depending on the material, length, durability, color, and style – the price of hair extensions will also depend. One of the highest quality, most sought after, and therefore the most expensive – is the virgin hair.

Study Trends In Your Market

Before embarking on this business at all – we advise you to thoroughly examine the trends in the market in which you operate. Is there any interest in hair extension services – and especially for extensions that include natural hair like virgin hair? Virgin hair extensions are usually always more expensive and harder to find. It is about natural human hair that has not been treated with dyes, chemicals, etc. Therefore, you must have reliable suppliers – but those who will provide you with reliable and affordable prices. Therefore, it is very important to find a wholesaler – who will be your reliable partner and in business, terms will be your best support.

How To Find Reliable And Affordable Virgin Hair Vendors?


A smart choice of virgin hair suppliers is important – because it can make a difference in the success of your business. When looking for partners who will be your suppliers for virgin hair – you need to keep in mind several criteria such as quality, the buying process, the reputation of the suppliers, and of course, the price. If we talk about prices – try to find the best solution. According to BlackShowHair, the best solution is one that gives you good quality at an affordable price. This is not always easy to achieve because natural hair is always the most expensive on the market. However, there are also suppliers where you can get certain discounts on your orders. So focus well on your search, and here are some tips on how to do it.

Tips For Finding Affordable Virgin Hair Vendors

1. Research The Supplier Market, And Try To Narrow Down Your Choices


Although today, we can find so many suppliers on the internet – we have to be very careful. In the pile of offers, there are a lot of those that do not meet the criteria you set – when it comes to virgin hair extensions. It often happens that when ordering – something completely different arrives. So rule No.1 is – beware of scams! Unknown and unreliable suppliers can cost you a lot of money later. Therefore, you must have a good supplier search strategy online. Read all reviews, see vendor websites, user experience, order volume, and similar items. Although this is not a complete guarantee either – it still says a lot about the fact that a certain supplier of virgin hair extensions takes this job seriously. That will give you more confidence.

2. Study The Vendor’s Website Well

This is of great importance. First of all, every reliable supplier must have a website. Almost all information about the products themselves – but also the method of purchase, must be displayed on the website. You have to look at everything, even what is written in small letters. Find out about the conditions of sale – the possibility of complaints and returns of goods, the time of shipment of goods, etc.

3. Look For A Supplier Who Will Provide You With Samples


When it comes to virgin hair extensions, they are already more expensive than the others. So when ordering, try to minimize your risks. Ask the supplier to provide you with samples – that you could look at before ordering goods. That way you will still have a certain degree of security – and you will not feel like you are buying a cat in a bag. If the supplier sends you samples – try them out. Wash them, dry them, paint them – or try them on one of your colleagues. This way you will be able to get a better impression of the quality of hair you need to order.

4. Opt For Trusted Payment Channels

Money transactions are of great importance for every business, even for the hair-industry. Therefore, decide on the method of payment that will suit you completely and accordingly find a supplier. Since ordering virgin-hair extensions is most often done online, then make sure the payment channels are reliable. In this sense, customers and suppliers most often opt for PayPal and similar options.

5. Meet Your Supplier


When choosing business partners and suppliers – a relationship of trust is implied. Therefore, you should maintain regular communication and contacts with your supplier – not only via email but also through other channels. If your suppliers speak English (and we believe so) – it won’t be a problem even if you are in other parts of the world. You can use phone calls or communicate via video calls. This way, you will have the opportunity to get to know the people you work with as suppliers. It is even better if you have the opportunity to meet in person. This type of communication will be good for both parties because it builds mutual trust in business.


Any serious supplier will be happy to talk to you about their prices and services. They will tell you about payment options, product offerings, and guarantees. Once you find a supplier you can trust and whose prices are affordable for you – all you need to do is go through their business plans. Therefore, read everything about warranties, quality assurance, and other procedures.