Every new day brings a new surprise. Every new day new for something new that we could really enjoy and rejoice in. There are so many things that can make us happy and make our day better and they believed it or it happens to us every day but we do not notice it.

It can be a small thing that will put a sincere smile on our face, but it can also be some great information that could really change the everyday life we ​​live in. What kind of information could that be? This could be, for example, information that your grandparents were born in the UK and therefore need a visa to travel to this country.

First of all, the news that your grandparents are from the UK would be great because it means that you have some background here and there and that you are partly British, but on the other hand it can also mean an opportunity to progress. and to succeed. How can you progress?

You can progress so that according to this information you have the opportunity to get Ancestry Visa which is open as an offer and option by the government authorities in the UK, and with it, you can go and work and live in the UK. It would be a great chance and opportunity for you to be able to make some change in your life, but not everyone would react and take this opportunity.


Some people just do not want to take this opportunity for some reason, such as not considering that country as their homeland, that country is unknown to them because they were only there as tourists, the UK is not in the European Union more and many other things that hesitate.

But it is good to say that there are more people who have grandparents from the UK, so they deserve this type of visa and they want to take the opportunity to live and work in the UK. But before moving there, they have the task of completing all the procedures required by UK law for you to obtain this visa. So let’s see what you need to do and how to apply for this visa. Let’s get started!

To be able to apply, you must first be a citizen of a UK Commonwealth – The British have very strict rules, especially when it comes to the more specific types of visas they issue. In particular, they are strict in issuing the Ancestry Visa, which translates as a visa for the grandchildren of one of the older generations of Britons who lived or were born in the UK.

So to get this type of visa you must first come from the UK Commonwealth, ie have citizenship of Ireland, Australia, Isle of Men, or some other UK Commonwealth. If you meet this criterion you can start looking for further detailed information from a legal entity to continue the legal process which can be assisted by professionals from But before proceeding, you must check what else is required to apply.


If you are over 17 then each of you is welcome to apply for this type of visa – there is one part that refers to the age limit, and that is that anyone who is at least 17 years old can apply for their Ancestry visa which is due to him because one of his grandparents was born and lived for some time in the UK. This rule is set because in the UK already at this age young people are considered adults and old enough to take care of themselves.

So if you are at least 17 you can start the process. One of the ancestors must be from the UK – to get this visa the main rule that must be observed is that one of the two grandparents must be from the UK, ie be born there and have lived there for at least a short time (even birth is considered living in the UK). If you have information that this is the case then you have the honor of obtaining an Ancestry visa for each descendant of one of the older generations of Brits.

To be able to work – if you are able to work, if you have the appropriate education and are currently looking for a job then you are ideal to go to the UK with the help of this visa. It needs to be fulfilled in order to be able to get a visa and to go and live and work in the UK as a descendant of your grandparents who were born there.

Take care of yourself without having to ask to spend from state funds intended only for UK residents – you also need to be able to take care of yourself and pay for yourself without having to apply to the UK for to receive government funds allocated to government funds intended for UK-born residents.

What do you need to do, ie how to apply? Let’s see.


You need to submit one of the most important documents for the whole procedure, and that is that you are a resident of one of the UK Commonwealth in order for the whole procedure to start. Therefore if you are a resident of the UK Commonwealth you need to prove your citizenship and thus meet the first requirement required of you.

Another very important thing is to submit a document proving that your grandparents were born in the UK. You can do this with a certificate or with the citizenship they received (if they received it) or with a birth certificate. With that you will be able to prove that you are their nephew, but also that they were born in the UK, and with that this visa belongs to you.

Submit a certificate that will prove your ability and your desire to work in one of the job positions that are currently open in the UK, and thus to live there.

At the very end, it is necessary to obtain proof of maintenance, but above all to submit proof that you have accommodation and that you have a place where you have already decided to stay.

The procedure is not difficult at all, you just need to meet the conditions, everything to be in accordance with the requirements of the United Kingdom and of course, to have mandatory legal support and assistance in order to complete the entire process of applying and obtaining a visa successfully.