UDI U818A Quadcopter Drone Review

Want to explore the world from the skies? Don’t have the right thing to fulfill your needs? Do you want to buy a mini quadcopter to capture images around you? Read this review to find the best quadcopter for you. This review is about UDI U818A Quadcopter Drone.

Features of the UDI U8181A Quadcopter Drone:

Features of the UDI U8181A Quadcopter DroneUDI is one of the leading providers of the aerial photography systems and they provide you an excellent and easy-to-fly quadcopter with several updated features. UDI U818A is one of the best quadcopters and the features of the UDI U818A quadcopter drone are listed below.


The UDI U818A quadcopter drone features a sleek and compact design. And, it has the best camera to capture images and record videos in a high-quality.

First Person View:

This sleek design quadcopter features with “First Person View”. With the entire new FPV Wi-Fi feature, you can enjoy live videos from your mobile device. No need to register FAA.

Return Home function:

This feature of the quadcopter is quite excellent. With this feature, you cannot lose your aircraft and it will bring your drone back to your home with a single push of a button.

6-Axis Gyro stability:

Though, the UDI U818A quadcopter comes with 6-Axis Gyro stability feature and it offers stability in flying. Moreover, it offers extra stability for easy handling and the quadcopter can roll left, right, up and down in order to provide extra stability while taking pictures.

Headless mode:

This feature is quite awesome amongst all and the quadcopter which is featured with a headless mode is an ideal choice for the beginners.

Gravity Induction modeThis feature eliminates the need for repositioning the system.

Gravity Induction mode:

This feature allows you to fly the drone without touching your mobile device. It is really a nice thing in this product.

Upgraded Features:

Here is a list of some of the upgraded features of the UDI U818A Quadcopter Drone. They are as follows:

  • It comes with a 2MP HD Camera and 2 LiPo batteries.
  • And, it includes Power Bank to quadruple flying time.
  • It is iOS and android compatible. So, you can pair your drone and mobile device in an easy manner.


  1. Flight time is awesome and it is about 20 minutes.
  2. It is easy to fly and offers durability.
  3. The drone is made of durable plastic. So, the quality is good.
  4. The camera resolution is excellent.

Final conclusion:

Do you want to buy a great little device to learn the basics of the flight? Saying yes, then the UDI U818A is an obvious choice and I’m sure this will satisfy your needs and this can be a nice gift to your children who is above age 14.