Obtaining water from reservoirs found on land is as old as mankind itself. With increased advancement in technology, the pollution of inland water is increasing every day. The ultimate solution lies in getting water from clouds as soon as it drops in the form of rain. The idea looks very fascinating but a lot of hard work and a special system are required to give this idea a go. Some companies have succeeded in devising a complete setup to capture rainwater as soon as it falls from the clouds. A great emphasis is laid on collecting water immediately after dropping it from the clouds because a lot of germs are present in the atmosphere due to air pollution coming 24/7 from factories and different vehicles.

This rainwater is then passed through a series of steps for purification, after the pH level of the water is raised to make it alkaline bottled water. Finally, minerals mostly from Himalaya salt are added. The product is packed in containers and is ready to be dispatched. There is a difference between alkaline bottled water and alkaline bottled rainwater. Alkaline bottled water is obtained from land and undergoes the process of purification. It is said that no matter how expensive a purification method is adopted to clean land water, some impurities are impossible to remove. On the other hand, alkaline rainwater is more pure and healthy but difficult to obtain. We know that rainwater is the purest and healthiest form that contains all the natural benefits. Important is to make sure that the company is making sure that there is no compromise over the quality of rainwater and preserved safely where germs cannot become part of the liquid. Browse this site for more info.

Pros of Alkaline Bottled Rainwater


The benefits of alkaline bottled rainwater are numerous. It helps in controlling and reducing different diseases of the human body, it helps as an anti-aging agent. It controls the pH level of the body because most of the food consumed by our bodies is acidic. Even if someone is undergoing a healthy diet plan when a portion of acidic food is served one cannot resist it. Therefore, it is important to consume alkaline water to balance the pH level of the body. On the other hand, alkaline water is a bit more expensive than ordinary mineral water because a lot of hard work is done to increase the pH level of the water and add minerals to it. Also, the benefits it offers are not common at all. It has cancer resistance properties, detoxification properties and keeps the skin healthy.

After working this much on a product, the respective companies do not compromise on the material used to carry the water. Therefore, they use bottles made up of aluminum or any other nature-friendly material instead of plastic. There are various reasons behind this approach; a few of them include saving nature, health concerns, etc. We will discuss it later on. Moreover, they give a share of their profit to needy people registered in an organization. After developing trust in these companies people give extra money to the welfare organizations. All this depends upon the repute of the company in the market. Making a good repute is tough but maintaining the repute is even tougher.

Return Policy


Return policy varies from company to company and product to product. The details of the return policy are mentioned on the website of the respective company. It is very important to go through the return policy of the company before purchasing the product. One should be fully aware of what is coming up next. If the return policy is not mentioned on the website of the respective company then one should refrain from purchasing their item as they may not refund or replace it later. This option is usually not available on the top of the home page of the website. Rather it is present on the right bottom of the website. Under the heading of legal, there are three more headings amongst which are the return policies.

Environment-friendly product

We all blame our environment and the people around us for the increasing pollution and environmental issues. Who makes the environment collectively? We are the ones who make an environment but unfortunately, many of us are not mindful at all while purchasing goods for ourselves. They do not think while buying what sort of impact it will give to the environment. Will it cause harm? Is the packaging safe? Our actions lead our environment. We all have to show some effort and walk an extra mile to save our environment from environmental hazards. One of the hazards that we have brought to our society is the excessive use of plastics. Groceries are being carried out in plastic bags.

And to a large extent, the maximum public is busy consuming liquids packed in plastic packaging. This obligation applies to everyone around us that starts thinking about the safety of our environment. Stop purchasing products that are affecting the environment negatively. Invest in good packaging products that are easy to recycle, do not require high energy, and most importantly do not kill the sea and wild animals that die while in search of food because of plastics. Animals can’t speak like us.


They won’t tell us what they need and what they are going through. We are human beings and we are smart enough to understand the needs of people and animals around us. Try to minimize the use of plastics and mold your choice like aluminum. Collectively we all can make a difference and bring a change.

Many water companies do not think about what effects their product will have on the environment. Keep in mind, the company which can’t think good for the environment will not think about you as well. Their quality will always be doubtful. Explore the companies around you who are taking initiatives for bringing change to society. The companies must have an optimistic approach and contribute towards the environmental building. A little effort has the power of motivating others to develop. Every try matters, every individual matter, and every single effort matters!