The key answer to the question of why do people gamble is the thrill of the expectation. While a gambler is waiting, the level of endorphin and other hormones related to the feeling of pleasure is released in the body in a larger amount. This kind of thrill of expectation is connected to the part of the brain in charge of managing emotions. The bigger the bet, the higher the expectation, although the research has shown that the higher bets do not carry that much pleasure, in comparison to the amount of disappointment if you lose.

Today, with the availability of gambling, exaggeration can happen to anyone. After all, this is the era of the internet and the lifestyle imposes that you carry devices that have the access to it all the time. We have also adopted a habit of using our smartphones as a means of entertainment, while we are on our coffee break. It became a relaxation style. Another risk this kind of entertainment carries is the fake gambling sites, which can hook you to a certain game, and contribute to you being broke for some time. If this is your kind of entertainment, click here to access the list of safe websites for gambling online.

Problems related to gambling create a burden in all aspects of your life – relationships, work, and can lead to financial catastrophe. Even worse that can happen, is to start borrowing the money for it. This is why this article will give you several warning signs that can help you recognize you may be gambling too much.

1. Gambling became a priority


All of us have a daily routine we usually follow, but it tends to change as we adopt new habits. If you have noticed that you’ve been using online gambling apps every day, this could be the sign you are already halfway towards the addiction. Missing out on the important events planned by your family and friends, only to enjoy some gambling, means this activity already became your priority, over people you love. Not a good sign. Skipping work to go gambling or missing out to fulfill the obligations you are paid for just to gambling can result in a catastrophe, and is a clear sign you are gambling too much.

2. You started keeping it a secret


If you’re not addicted to something, then there’s no reason for keeping it a secret from your partner, family, or friends. Activities you do for fun and actually perform as a leisure activity do not end up in your box of secrets. So, do a little self-assessment and ask yourself have you been making excuses and skipping telling the truth when people ask you where have you been, or where are you going. If you did lie to answer and avoid confessing you gamble, this is a clear sign you went overboard with gambling. If it happened once or twice, it’s not that severe, you are still able to pull yourself out of the mud, but if it’s a constant lie, get help.

3. You gamble until there’s nothing left


The most important thing in gambling is knowing when to say it’s enough and stopping yourself, not getting in that stage where someone has to drag you out of the casino. Some tips for successful gambling also say that if you want to keep it in control, then calculate how many times per week you do this activity and make a rough budget you can afford to live without. This will keep you from bankruptcy. However, in most cases where the line has already been crossed, people simply get carried away and spend the whole salary on gambling.

You can recognize you’re going in this direction by witnessing the rise of the thrill building up inside you, when using slot machines, for example, and you get two or three same signs. If the thought “I’m really close” occurs in your mind, it’s a trick, don’t buy it. It shows you are already inclined to spend all your money. If this happened to you a couple of times, that you were not able to stop until you spent all your money, you’re definitely gambling too much.

4. You’re becoming emotional about gambling


Both emotions, happiness or sorrows can be dangerous. Casual gamblers do not fall into this trap, especially when they are losing. If you notice a feeling of severe frustration when you are losing and when your consciousness tells you should stop, but somehow you cannot, you’re addicted. If the emotion of guilt starts eating you from inside the day after you lied about being out gambling, or if you have a reason to celebrate something and you do it by going out to treat yourself with a game of blackjack, this is a problem. So, all these emotions, frustration, irritation, guilt trips, are happening as a sign that it’s too much.

5. You gamble more when you lose


Being irresponsible about money already is signalizing a gambling problem. One typical example of a gambler who is completely delusional is living in a fantasy that even if you lose you can recover all your loss by placing yet another bet. Your money is just around the corner. Instead of taking this loss as a sign from above, that you should stop, an addicted gambler keeps placing more bets thinking the money will return.

6. You started gambling with other people’s money


When a gambler spends all his money on bets, he will turn to alternative sources. This may be family savings, borrowing from friends, or even worse taking a loan from suspicious people accepting an obscene interest rate. Many people around the world have lost their lives, because of this pattern. Others end up losing friends and the trust of their family members.

All these warning signs are useful for contemplation, if you enjoy games of chances or if you have someone close to you that does. Gambling is a serious addiction, and combating it requires a will of steel as well as external help.