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When we hear the word construction site, usually the first and very often the only association is a huge building under construction, machines, cranes, and building materials scattered on all sides while a large number of workers work hard and build a building as a child makes from Lego bricks.

Rarely does anyone think of a manager and a few people who have to deal with paperwork on the face of eating, as well as answering many phone calls and receiving contractors for an interview to have a better insight into the project and whether everything is going according to plan? Since it is a construction site, office space is necessary, but it still does not exist. So, people came up with the idea of constructing a mobile office that would serve a purpose, and once the job was done, it would be easily removed from that location and moved on to the next one, where needed.

What are portable offices made of?

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Portable offices are made of containers that are very light and solid material. Best of all, the interior of this office is no different from any other, because it has electricity, floors, walls, lockable doors, modern design, and even air conditioning. The primary purpose of these containers is a mobile office suitable for construction sites and other works performed in the field, ie outside the company, but it can also be used as an auxiliary facility in the yard, office, and even the house.
There are many reasons why a portable office is a smart choice, and we won’t talk about the reasons for it, because they don’t exist!

Reduced costs

We all like to get through as cheaply as possible, especially when it comes to something that has a secondary role to play, just as is the case with an office on a construction site. Just imagine how much it would cost to build a new facility that you will eventually have to demolish because it is not foreseen in the plan! If we are talking about a temporary need, there is no better option than renting or buying a portable office. More information on this topic will give you PRT industries. What gives a great advantage to this type of building concerning masonry is the fact that the material is already cut in the factory to the necessary parts and the work of workers when it comes to assembly is reduced to a minimum. Also, it increases the return on investment (ROI).

Eco friendly

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People are finally raising awareness about preserving the environment, and portable offices are just that – eco-friendly. There is no waste of materials because, as we have already said, all materials are pre-cut to size and the only work that needs to be done is an assembly or even transport if the object has already been made. What goes in favor of the portable office is that they have good insulation, ie they are energy efficient. This means that they cool down very quickly, and it is possible to add a generator or device that uses solar energy to minimize electricity costs.

Quick installation

The construction of an auxiliary building can take time, and this is something you will only need temporarily because you will have to demolish it when the building is finished. Modular buildings require much less installation time and are easy to dismantle. There are also ready-made, new, and used ones, which the company will bring to the desired location and is immediately ready for use.


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Considering that it is a construction site, ie a place where many tools are used, this facility will also serve as a safe place to store the tools needed for everyday work. It will also protect you from bad weather, and in that case, serve the masters as a place where they can rest and drink coffee.

Flexible design

Another advantage of these movable objects is their adaptability to your needs. These portable construction kits are easy to modify and adapt to every need, whether it is an office space or storage. Versatility or practicality is one of the most desirable words in the world of construction. This is exactly the adjective that adorns this building because after the job is done, it can be transferred to another place and used for other purposes.

Long lifespan

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Many people think that temporary buildings have a short lifespan, but we hope you will change your mind when you hear that they can survive in good condition between 25-30 years. The fact that they are made of a lighter material and that they are suitable for transport does not mean that they are not of high quality and durable. It is important to note that facilities built in this way are constructed following building regulations and permit requirements.

What can modular offices look like?

We have already mentioned that these mobile offices are made according to the client’s requirements. Thus, it is possible to make pre-fab buildings that are characterized by small dimensions, but also low cost. What is good about these facilities is that they are immediately ready for use. These facilities are most often used as a kiosk, parking lots and toll booths, as well as security barracks.

The next type is modular clean rooms. These are rooms that help control temperature and humidity, and also help control airflow as well as the air pressure itself. They are suitable for installation inside a larger building, so you can often see them in the halls where various fairs are held.

Although it is possible to make them in all measures, there are still a few standard ones that usually meet the needs of every user of this type of facility. These are usually dimensions 12m x 6m, 12m x 3m, 6m x 3m, and 3m x 3m. In addition to the fact that they differ in size, the price may depend on the materials from which the building is made, and of course on whether it is used or not.