The world of gaming and betting, particularly within casino settings, is often a creative place, with slots and online games usually having themes and storylines that make them more entertaining for the player. There are a few recurring themes that appear in casino games, that pop up in different places, across different eras of gaming – what is it about them that is so universally appealing, and how do game creators use them to entertain?



Whether it be a game themed around Egyptian hieroglyphs, the luxurious life of Cleopatra, or wars waged between ancient gods, no online casino is complete without references to ancient history and mythology.

Check out Betfair Casino for more. The excitement of entering a new world is something that makes ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt extremely appealing for games. It also lends itself to the idea of riches and treasures that are buried beneath the surface, so the adventure of discovery is definitely a part of the appeal here.



The Wild West is also a common theme in casino games, and if you think about the high-energy, danger-filled saloons and deserts of old cowboy movies, it’s easy to see why. This setting allows for a lot of world-building and promises the player an experience where they can discover and overcome challenges as if they were a solo ranger, reaping the rewards along the way. And, whilst cowboys aren’t ancient history, most people won’t have come into contact with this world, so it is easy to escape into and provides an opportunity for some less-than-realistic adventuring without compromising accuracy.



Many people, when asked where they want to go on holiday, say ‘Somewhere sunny with a beach.’. The calming sounds of the ocean and the feeling of warm sand against our feet are things that almost everyone finds relaxing, which explains why it is such a popular theme in gaming. Underwater themes allow for more creativity, and there are some great underwater creatures to have fun with, beach-themed games just hit the spot. It is likely that players enjoy a setting with a climate less miserable than the wind, rain, or gray skies that most of us experience daily.

‘Luck of the Irish’

Another consistent theme is based on our neighbors across the pond. Ireland has a rich history, and a large part of it is superstition and the idea that they are lucky. Easily recognizable characters like leprechauns have their origins in Irish folklore, as well as the idea of a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

It is understandable then, that casinos would use these symbols to create games of luck that immerse the player and give them a story to base their gaming around. Many brick-and-mortar casinos utilize the symbols of dice, horseshoes, and more, to establish the theme of chance and luck, but a four-leaf clover is more commonly seen in the online gaming world.

It is likely that the world of online gaming will continue to use these worlds to create immersive and entertaining experiences for their players, but it will be interesting to see what else makes the list in the future.