3 Natural Remedies for Ear Mites in Puppies

The ear mites are meant to be an external parasite, this is scientifically proved an infectious problem for the home pets like dog and cat. These pets are likely to be your part of the family, so we must surely take care about them because we might keep in touch with them by scratching their ears, if they are ill it shows by shaking their heads. So the discomfort of the behavior is sorted out through the classic sign of ear mites. This is quietly seen in all types of puppies.

Frequent symptomsFrequent symptoms:

  • Some smell in the ears.
  • Build up earwax.
  • Bleeding from the ears.
  • Vomiting
  • Refuse the food to intake
  • Lose the balance
  • Ear canal inflammation
  • Unusual tilting of head
  • Damage in the ear canal and eardrum progressed to hearing loss occurred.
  • Severe itching and sores.

This is caused from mother pup to the kid, any contacts with the infected puppies. In this type of ear mites most common type is the Odoectes Cynotis, this is the little crab-like parasites looks like a white dot. It is quietly seen any parts of the dog’s body as it feels uncomfortable and plenty of itching.

Instinctive remedies for dog ear mites:

Instinctive remedies for dog ear mitesThe first and foremost remedies of the dog ear mite in innate is the local vet, as it is quite expensive for you. Some other usual remedies are the use of some herbs and pertinently, it away from all the side effects to them. Use of oil around the entire parts of the body. To clean the area use cotton balls, then enter into the remedies.

Few remedies:

  1. Psorinum and sulfur are greatly fought against the infection of the ear mites.
  2. One spoon of water is mixed with the yellow root extract, then it gently applied to the infected area. This mixture is fine for three days and does frequent apply for a speedy recovery.
  3. Ivermectin is known to be the recent medical treatment as this is guiding you only the area of infectious ear mites.
  4. Get the proper guidance from the veterinary doctor as it accords you gradual remedy of the ear mites of the dog.
  5. Take the mixture of half-ounce of vitamin and almond. With the use of this mixture do massage the area and allow them to shake their heads.


Be sure in cleaning the infected area before applying the mixture you prepared naturally from herbs, kept the mixture in the refrigerator so it is good to use for about three days. Have the mild flea bath during the time of treatment.

Have the awareness about spreading as it spreads animal to animal and also it infects to humans, so careful in handling the infected pets. The home natural remedies are found to be the best effective for reducing the symptoms of ear mites, rather going to spend with the doctor it is best suits to the pet.