Are you going to prepare smoothie recipes? If like so, then protein powder is one of the ingredients that you need to purchase. I suggest you add natural protein powder for your smoothies.

Yes!! I don’t know about you know it or not that every smoothie recipe requires a teaspoon of protein powder while preparing it. Many of you take it as complicated matter and confusing with selecting a protein powder.

Because there are a wide variety of protein powders are avails at today’s market like whey, soy, casein, pea, hemp, rice and more. Therefore, I am here to help you with choosing protein powder.

Natural protein powder for your smoothie:

Among all kind of protein powders exists smoothies, you need to Natural protein powder for your smoothiechoose anyone which best suited for your health. Nowadays, almost one and all suffering from obesity issues and following their own diet plan. That kind of people need to concentrate more on while choosing protein powder because some include compounds to gain weight and some contain ingredients that lead you to lose weight.

In the advanced world, so many foods are manufactured and packed for selling, but these are not good for health and at the same time cause obesity too. Similarly, protein powders are also prepared with unhealthy compounds. This is why; I was suggesting you to buy natural protein powder for your smoothie.

Here, I give you the 5 healthiest protein powders for your smoothie recipes.

Whey protein powder:

If you are really want to build or maintain your muscle, then simply use this whey protein powder in your smoothie. Whey Whey protein powderprotein powder is manufactured with fully natural cow’s milk and as well as contains 9 important amino acids to build muscle.

Casein protein powder:

You can add this casein protein powder with your oatmeal or instead of your daily meals. But, compared with whey protein powder, casein protein powder works slowly since less efficient to make or maintain muscle.

Egg white protein powder:

The white portions of an egg are separated, dried it and grind to prepare egg white protein powder. All we know the egg is rich in protein but takes more time to get the digest. Therefore, it acts intermediate level that means, slower than whey and faster than casein.

But, a piece of advice is that don’t use this protein powder with milk if you are getting allergic symptoms.

Soy protein powder:

Soy protein is made up of ground soybeans and contains a higher amount of substances of amino acids such as glutamine and arginine. Soy powder assists you in immune and brain function and digestion health.

Having this protein powder in your smoothie recipe always keeps your stomach full and energetic.

Pea protein powder:

If all above-mentioned protein powder is not suited for your abdomen, then try the pea protein powder, which is derived from the yellow pea. But, a downside of the pea protein powder is: it doesn’t include all 9 essential amino acids and on another hand, best even for digestion issues.