How long does it take After Double Knee Replacement Surgery_

A double knee replacement is a surgical procedure designed to eliminate arthritis from the knee. The knee occurs when there is a loss of the cartilage in the knee. When the cartilage has worn away in both knees, an artificial knee can take its place. The knee replacement recreates to the normal function of the knee and its main reason is to relieve pain. It may also help to restore motion of both knees.

The knee will also be checked to make sure that all of the ligaments are stable around the knee. The knee is then brought through a full range of motion to make sure that the knee will come to full extension and able to fully flex.

When should I have a double knee replacement done?

When should I have a double knee replacement doneA total knee replacement may be performed if there are signs of advanced joint disease and treatment has failed to provide pain relief. The pain will affect the patient’s quality of life. A patient’s age is also determining the factor to a knee replacement should be performed. It is preferred for a patient’s age in order to perform a total knee replacement.

Recovery Period:

There is no specific time in double knee replacement surgeries. The patients who have no other health issues, the main part of the recovery is done after eight weeks. Recovery depends on not only the success of the surgery but also the patient’s ability. Medications in controlling pain and preventing blood clots will also be given. Simple breathing exercises may be advised to help prevent congestion in the lungs.

What are the risks of surgery?

Risks of surgery for a double knee replacement include

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Damage to blood vessels
  • Pain and stiffness
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Loosening of the implants
  • Implant failure

Double Knee Replacement Pros and Cons:

Below are the double knee replacement pros and cons that you should know so that you can have a better understanding about this medical-surgical treatment.

Double Knee Replacement Pros and ConsPros of Double Knee Replacement:

  • The benefit of double knee replacement is that patients can address the problems in a single treatment operation. This will take a short period of time if the patient chooses to double knee replacement.
  • If you decided to do double knee replacement then you will be provided a total knee replacements owner’s manual before the actual operation. The knee owner’s manual explains the joint replacement thoroughly.
  • Before you go through the actual double knee operation then you have the freedom to ask questions to the doctors in an understandable manner.

Cons of Double Knee Replacement:

  • Patients who go through double knee replacement require longer surgery because this surgical treatment is so demanding to the body.
  • Double knee replacements have a chance of developing cardiac events. The risks of complications are also high.

Still, some of them will prefer to undergo the treatment as they think that this is the best possible solution for their problem.