Whether we agree or disagree with plastic surgery and aesthetic pleasures in this way, the fact is that cosmetic surgery has become more than a normal process. An outdated culture is driven by instant pleasure. And it is never enough, you can always do more.

Still, even though you may have been thinking about changing a certain part of your body, we don’t believe you’ve thought enough about the recovery process. Absence from work, pain during recovery, and very frequent bruises and swelling that can last for several months, are the accompanying things of plastic surgical procedures. Nothing is that simple. Nowadays, beauty costs and hurts at the same time. Therefore, if you are really sure that you want to change this type, be very patient. In addition to patience, you also need to plan well for recovery time. When you think about the plastic surgical procedure you have chosen, ask yourself how long it will take for you to fully recover. Make sure you can take so much free time from work when you will be able to work online, whether you will be able to do it yourself in the first days. Most patients already hire a nurse in advance who will professionally take care of them while they are recovering.

This topic was really interesting to us and we tried to get detailed answers from our friends at , so we asked ourselves how long does it take to heal after plastic surgery? Therefore, if you are planning something similar, stay with us until the end and prepare well.

First of all, we need to define what recovery from plastic surgery means. After you wake up from anesthesia and when all the controls are done, your recovery begins. You don’t feel anything during the process, but when you wake up and the anesthesia loses its effect, there is a little chaos. Facing with pain is not easy at all, regardless of whether you have had a previous experience of a similar kind. If your doctor prescribes a good dose of pain medication, everything will be much easier, but still painlessly very difficult. If you want to achieve the final goal you must be prepared, so get used to this condition in the coming days, and then when everything is over, observe your wonderful transformation. After the pain, the next thing you can expect is to move the drain. After that, you wait for the time to remove the threads or splints. Plastic surgery experts are trained to make incisions as discreetly as possible. However, it takes a long time for individual cuts to heal and completely fade in about 12 months. During this period, be sure to smear the scars with special creams with a protective factor. The extra use of vitamins can also help.

However, it is important to know that the process of intervention, as well as recovery, is individual. Marksolomonmd offers cosmetic procedures you’re about to read in this article. The same surgical procedure in two patients may require completely different stages and recovery times. In this text, we will be guided by the general deadlines shared with us by our friends taught by experience.

Facial procedures


Facial surgeries require quite a long recovery, mostly from 6 months to 12 months. The swelling and bruises in this case really know how to be persistent. One of the most common facial interventions is Blepharoplasty. It is a surgical procedure known as “eyelid tightening“. In a short, this surgery improves the appearance of the eyelids. Here, thickening or excess skin on the eyelids is removed and you get a fresher look with much fewer wrinkles. With this procedure, you can count on the bruises to recede ten days after the operation. As soon as the swelling and bruises disappear, you are ready to go. After only 4 weeks, you can return to absolutely all activities.

Browplasty, or so-called cheek lifting, requires much more time. After a week, the stitches move, which means that you can go to work after that, of course, if you do not mind swelling and bruising. They disappear after two weeks. You can perform all normal activities after this intervention for a full 4 weeks.

Rhinoplasty is an intervention on the nose. It can have a functional character, ie necessarily medical or cosmetic. The splint is removed after seven days, after which you can return to work. The bruises and swelling disappear after two weeks, and you will have the full effect after 12 months.

Rhytidectomy is a process known as a facelift. Tightening the face, and rejuvenating it does not require too much sacrifice. After only 10 days you remove the seams and then you can be back to your everyday activities. The bruises will take about two weeks to recover and the final results are there after 6 months.

Body interventions


Abdominoplasty, known as a tummy tuck, is the process of removing excess skin and fat. Here you have to count on the drainage that you remove after 7 days from the day of the operation. You will need to be absent from work for between 2 and 4 weeks, depending on the intervention and your condition. Bruises and swelling disappear after 3 months and sometimes last much longer. The final results are visible after half a year.

Augmentation mammaplasty, or breast augmentation, may be with implants or may involve the transfer of autologous fat. However, the recovery time is almost similar. If you decide on this intervention, you expect to return to work in 5 days maximum. However, swelling and bruising will take about 3 months, and you can count on normal activities that include exercise after 6 months.

Liposuction is mostly performed as an adjunct to a larger procedure. If you decide to take this step, it will be enough to take 3 days off after which you can return to work. The bruises will be there for about 5 weeks, but you will not mind returning to all normal activities after only seven days.

However, do not forget that every operation but also recovery is primarily a different experience. That is why it is very important to consult a specialist in this field. Make sure your cosmetic surgeon has diplomas and certificates for what he or she does. Ask friends who have already had experiences like this and then browse a few blogs and forums. Ask your doctor about any details that interest you and with his help, reserve the time needed for recovery. If necessary, step on the caregiver for that period.