The vacuum cleaner is the most important cleaning equipment in a home and for commercial use. This has gone under many changes with the passage of time like the latest automatic cleaner. The conventional electrically run vacuum cleaners came into the consumer market since the early 20th century. However, this was the most efficient way of home and industrial cleaning system. This was prominent in the developed countries and started to sell in the global market from the 1950s onwards. The vacuum cleaners were sold in large units due to commercial and household demand. Soon, there were many players in the market to manufacture it is a home appliance cleaning types of equipment to cover up the domestic markets. In the initial stage, these were bulky equipment and saw a reduction in size with the help of advancement in technology.

The Beginning of use of Technology in Cleaning Equipment

The Beginning of use of Technology in Cleaning EquipmentNevertheless, the idea for the best robot vacuum was in progress since, the 1990s in the term of Robovac. In 1997, the first robot vacuum cleaner was launch in the European countries. It became so popular that every householder was dreaming to have one due to its widespread marketing in many commercial advertisements. This was available as robot vacuum, cleaning robot and automatic cleaner. Very soon, the production of these Robovacs started a great to grow in vast numbers. This also saw major competition with existing and new manufactures among the home appliance industry. Their initial entry market was the developed economies. This is because they were in search of the best robot vacuum cleaner. Since, the lifestyle and working culture of those developed countries require such cleaning robot to do automatic cleaning activity, which does not have much time to spend on surface floor cleaning. This was most suitable for nuclear family living in major cities. Almost every modern homeowners desire to have one for their costly surface floor cleaning with is lay by fine stones.

Consumer Demand and Wide Spread Online Marketing

Since 2000, the internet was having a link across the continent and digital marketing was a happening success in the internet world. Many developed countries initially market the robot Consumer Demand and Wide Spread Online Marketingvacuum cleaner through online marketing. The safe and secure mode of payment through online does encourage many customers to buy from online. The search for the best robot vacuum cleaner was also popular on the internet. There were many Roomba reviews on the web. These real-time users have written good comments on the irobot roomba 880. The consumers reading such a review made it popular worldwide. It is now in the global market as a robot vacuum cleaner. There are many branded manufactures having their own website for the benefit of the consumers. They also went aggressive by linking with a various website as online marketing. This was very successful and more Roomba reviews made the irobot Roomba 880 as the best robot vacuum cleaner in the world. Very soon, it saw the developing countries do show interest in the advanced home cleaning equipment.

Distribution and Network for Robot Vacuum Cleaner

There are main players in manufacturing the Robovacs. They distribute through their retail shops, which has a worldwide presence. They do have a tie-up with small and medium distributors to reach the interior of major towns apart from major cities. A very good robot vacuum authorized service center does encourage the consumer to buy from their local market. Such authorized service center is present in the major cities across the globe. This helped the local consumer to search for the best robot vacuum cleaner with many of the leading home appliance shops within their neighborhood. The network tie-up does make these latest automatic cleaner to reach the middle-class householders. To promote their product, they do offer various discounts and offers as seasonal in retail home appliance shops. However, the online stores come with daily offers, which earn maximum profit from a large volume of sale. Many distributors wish to take franchise for this robot vacuum cleaner.